Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At home with the 4th house

Psychologically, we all need a base of security and stability; an environment where we are safe and protected, as well as a central hub of maintenance, rest, and enjoyment.  

The 4th house naturally operates in that function.  This is a sample of potential needs and interests for each sign, how each might enhance the quality of their respective homes, or how each sign on the 4th house marker (cusp) might respond:

Aries:  an exercise room; a private shooting range; sporting equipment, or a home where rugged and austere living is required and a challenging routine.

Taurus:  gardens, a nursery or greenhouse, birdhouses, gazebo, running water, stables or barn.

 Gemini:  computers and large-screen displays; multiple phones throughout; multi-car garage,

book shelves.

 Cancer:  focus on the kitchen:  appliances, utensils, baker’s racks, shelves, cookbooks.  Multiple bedrooms; bunk beds; flannel sheets.

 Leo:  quality furniture, wet bar, surround-sound stereo and entertainment system, swimming pool, tennis court, recreation/game room.

 Virgo:  central vacuum system, garbage disposal, recycling containers/bins, laundry room with full capacity washer/dryer.

 Libra:  bathroom 3-way mirror and over-sized tub; grand piano, guest bedroom, flower garden with sitting bench, crystal chandelier in dining room with accent-colored wall.

 Scorpio:  privacy hedge; long driveway with house off-set and hidden; finished basement, security system, large dog outside; underground target practice range.

 Sagittarius:  woods or natural setting; stable-corral/barn; garden; tennis/basketball court; multi-car garage; regional d├ęcor and setting in one room, library.

 Capricorn:  stone or wood fence; Tudor (English or German-style) or Victorian-style; fireplace, wood stove, landscaping, deck, terrace.

 Aquarius:  electronics; deck, den with large couches; time-sharing; townhouse or condo; bed-and-breakfast or revolving Euro-hostel setting; back-pack/tent, log cabin.

Pisces:  houseboat, pond, lake, beach-side, swimming pool, large tub or shower, aquariums, garden, piano or musical practice room.

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