Friday, September 24, 2010

The chart: window to the soul and Life Lesson Timings

The natal chart (birth chart) is a tool unto itself:  a 12-way, 12-level blueprint of seeing how to build “you” into a better person.  It offers a 4-way mirror for viewing the profile of the psyche:  head-on (the ascendant), the view from behind closed doors at home (4th house), relating to others (7th house), and at work (10th).  Each view will provide a different view of interpreting how the subject sees his or her world-at-large from these major vantage points of social engagement. 

This is the primary advantage of psychological astrology:  having the flexibility of interpreting the psyche but being accurate enough to stay within a tight enough range of cause-and-effect patterns that can be anticipated as well as managed. 
Timing can be prepared for as a means of establishing behavior as well as building emotional structure for the inevitable crises that are part of the Life Cycle.  Choices and decisions can always be applied:  it’s never too late to Learn and Change; one is always going to happen anyway!

Three other blueprint options are also available and very popular:  Transits, Progressions, and Solar Returns, also known as “Now, Eventually, and Yearly.”  Transits let us see what activity is being stirred in life areas of responses (houses) to activate or initiate a Life Lesson and how it will be applied.  Progressions show how the soul has evolved: what lessons the psyche is meant to “graduate” and advance through over time, usually by age 30 and beyond.  Timing phases of social challenge can be pivotal here and narrowed to the month.

A solar return comes as a birthday gift of sorts from the Universal Life Source:  “Take these challenges and gifts for one year and see what you can do with them.”  A window of six weeks approaching the date will manifest if the subject is aware and willing to be responsible and active, with the arrival of the year’s life events beginning within six weeks after the birth date itself.

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