Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Part of Fortune - The Gift of Happiness Fulfilled

     The Part of Fortune is one of the unique and special psychological pieces of a chart.  It represents the search of a lifetime’s work.  It gives meaning to the struggles that we face, believing that we can overcome the obstacles and delays in life in order to satisfy our inner belief of Divine Will.  It is our way of saying, “I believe that I was given this life so that I will find meaning and validity for my existence.”  The Part of Fortune shows us how we can manifest and develop that validity.  It also measures our need to maintain certain standards of value that may not be compromised.
  The challenges of life may take years to master; therefore, the Part of Fortune plays a greater role in the second half of our life.

    It should be noted that luck, opportunity, and fulfillment stay as abstract concepts until an individual makes a directed effort towards focusing his or herself as a vehicle of Divine Will.  We can find good things happen in our lives, but an increase in measure is achieved when we acknowledge that all factors in life are designed by our Creator for our individual growth.  When we are guided by our desire to allow our life to be directed by a higher source, the ultimate experience of these factors is expressed as the Part of Fortune.  As a measurement of ‘luck’ or ‘opportunity,’ the Part of Fortune can be called the treasure of a lifetime, because a person will find themselves truly at inner peace.  The joy of living, as each individual knows in their deepest being, is manifested.  

     One person might express this satisfaction by physical creativity, such as working in the arts.  Another person might feel contentment by exchanging ideas in a social forum, while another might find time spent alone in a retreat, giving quiet meditation to the vastness of thought, to be their most fortunate expression of life.  A personal cognizance of a Universal Source is the foundation, and the individual identification or naming of the Creator has no bearing.  The awareness that we are individually and collectively part of a Universal Oneness, and the dedication to the highest goals of that Divine Presence, become the happiness expressed through the Part of Fortune.

    The Part of Fortune takes three crucial, separate aspects of our chart, each working in harmony, to bring to its full potential into realization.  This is partly why the process of maturation as a growth cycle is a necessary experience, in order to let the Part of Fortune be truly achieved.  A younger person might not have the necessary patience to face up to challenges, and might avoid the vital lessons that are being encountered.  The three significant parts are the Sun sign, Moon sign, and the ascendant (Rising) sign.  This concept can be likened to the strength and stability of a triangle or pyramid as the strongest architectural principle.  When our Sun (our True Self), our Moon (our emotional self-awareness), and our Rising sign (our mirror-Self to the world) are working together at their strongest capacity, we unlock the yields of the Part of Fortune and become our ‘strongest, most wholesome self.’  We are truly happy with our most valuable Self-images (Sun, Moon, Ascendant) and can recognize our higher Identity, as part of our Creator’s plan.

    As with all signs of the zodiac, along with universal principles of positive-negative polarities, there is an opposite response to the Part of Fortune.  This aspect has been called the Impersonal Consciousness, which can be located in the sign and house opposite the Part of Fortune.  It is not represented by a glyph or symbol, but exists as an understanding, or an impartial observer in the ways of the world.  The Impersonal Consciousness experiences will reflect an opposite approach to an individual’s expression of his or her Part of Fortune.  

     It is necessary to recognize that the Impersonal Consciousness must not be challenged as an accomplishment to be faced--it must remain as a detached sense of knowledge; that actions and thought exist as part of the polarity of existence from the personal Part of Fortune.  An individual can change themselves by their attunement to the three focal points and gain their own true joy. The world-at-large and the Universal laws that direct it are for our Creator’s guidance, not our own. 

    The Part of Fortune also plays a different role when found in the upper and lower hemispheres of the chart (1st-6th/7th-12th houses).  The Part of Fortune in the lower horizon indicates a person whose gift of fulfillment is in the giving.  The greatest joy comes to these people when they give of themselves unto others, such as in service work or assistance to those less fortunate.  They are giving the gift of their personal-Self.  From a karmic view, this person is planting the seeds of good fortune to come to them in future times.  

     When the Part of Fortune is found in the upper hemisphere, the person is destined to receive some form of blessing or assistance from others.  This individual has earned his or her rewards from lifetimes of prior obligation, and will receive in turn the fruits of their work.  

    Aspects to the Part of Fortune also work in a similar manner.  Traditional adverse aspects, such as a square or opposition from a strong planetary challenge, can bring great opportunity for joy and opportunity, once the lesson has been met.  In this regard, the Part of Fortune carries benevolent Saturn-like blessings that come with the patience and building of time.

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Anonymous said...

My POF is 29.20 Leo, on the cusp of my 7th to 8th house. What does this indicate? I'm 61 years old. Thank you for any and all insight!

Anonymous said...

Me again, with the POF question -- just wanted to add:
My dob: 4-14-54, 12.53am Providence RI
In equal house system, my POF is in 8th house
It is trine my 0.34 Cap Mars in 12th and quincunx my 28.23 Cap Chiron in 1st house.
So all anarectic/critical degrees. POF is currently being transited by Venus and Jupiter in Leo (nearly conjunct) and by Saturn in Scorpio (squaring). So confused, need direction.
Thank you.