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Planets (Part I)

Program? Program!
Can't tell the players--I mean, planets 
without a program!!

Psychologically,the planets  represent the energy potentials of our lives that give force to parts of our life story.  

For example, the Sun represents our self-image and Ego, as well as a father-parent figure; the moon represents our need to be comfortable and safe with people; also Motherhood and the First Female imprint upon our infancy and birth.

 Mercury represents our mind--how we think and intellectualize; Venus indicates our expression of social relationships, pleasure and enjoyment.  Mars indicates expression and release of energy, momentum, anger, and sexual drive.  Jupiter shows our optimistic belief in a higher, larger system of faith, as well as expansive idealism and how we think “bigger than life.”  

Saturn shows how we face up to lessons and responsibilities that we would rather avoid, but have to be dealt with for growth; Saturn also shows delays, limitations and frustration (again, in order to be learned, the lesson is repeated thoroughly), which shows Saturn’s way of postponement.  Therefore, Saturn indicates hard work to master something.  

Uranus shows our rebellious, unconventional need for freedom and uniqueness, as well as eccentricity.  Neptune shows our escapist tendencies, along with our need to loosen boundaries and blend in with the Universe.  Religious experiences (both prophetic and delusional), chemicals and drugs, and liquid indulgences (including alcohol are Neptunian; films are too because they show “escape from reality.”   

(Yes, I'm still counting Pluto as a planet.)
 Pluto shows our exposure to total metamorphic  transforming qualities that leave us “born anew,” and have a life-and-death-rebirth nature.

T H E   S U N
Rules:  Leo
Anatomy:  Heart, upper back

Phrase:  The Giver of Life, Our Self-Identity
Emphasis:  Father-figures, authority figures, the WILL TO EXIST AND BE RECOGNIZED as the Highest Expression, the source of light (our presence as a source of Creation and Inspiration), deep character-Soul traits, individuality and vitality
      The Sun is the key identifying feature of our Self.  It is the birthday sign, the lead role of the zodiac and the life script that we know to be the truest part of our image.  It is the song that we dance to from within, the main casting theme of the leading man or woman and how we choose to portray the role.  The Sun expresses our Self-consciousness, our confidence and leadership potentials and outlets.  It shows the way that we recognize the masculine principle in our life and which parent truly expressed it.  It indicates the way that we see our father as a parent, provider and care-giver, and the according way that we respond to an employer, a boss or a supervising presence.
When the Sun is in a positive-masculine sign, the father may be perceived as vital and dynamic, unless there are other mitigating factors, such as an opposition by Neptune or Uranus.    
       The Sun sign in a negative-female sign can potentially indicate a father-authority figure who was passive and reflective, rather than assertive.  A 12th house sun can indicate a father who was absent or did not play a strong major part in the person’s growth and development.  Any planet aspected by the Sun will need to be dealt with, to allow for balance or integration to allow the True Self Potential to be developed.  The lack of this awareness only limits our self-growth and completion as an individual.
      As the Sun shows vitality, people with an unaspected Sun, or a very strong, overpowering sun can be notoriously obnoxious as they bathe in their own self-glory.  They can preen their egos like peacocks, using love (the Sun rules the heart), pride and displays of vanity to declare their presence.  Frank Sinatra sang it best when he said, “I did it ‘My Way.’”  The French king Louis XIIII, known as the Sun King for his outrageous and flamboyant lifestyle and court presence, is a clear example.
       The Sun is exalted (given its highest evolution) in Aries because that sign is so ready to burn with their blazing energy to start new life.  (It is in its fall—or weakened role—in Libra, opposite Aries; in its Rulership in Leo (giving the full strength of the planet’s vibration).  The Arian phrase, “I Am” personifies the exaltation of the Sun.  It is in its fall in Libra because those born under the Scales seem reluctant to show their need of self-image without another person’s presence (and light from their sun).  It is in detriment in Aquarius because they appear to consider themselves as well as others in a total package of identity, and neglect to emphasize their own self-identity.  The Aquarian need to show the Self as a little more ‘different’ than the others also adds to this.
      Expression:  Here comes the life of the party!  You couldn’t help but notice me, could you!  I’m clearly the person you need for this assignment!  The best thing you could have in life is me, baby!  I am the leader and there will be no tolerance for disputes--my word is final!

T H E  M O O N
Rules:  Cancer
Anatomy:  Breasts, stomach, fluid balance of body, digestion

Phrase:  Emotional nature, feelings and moods, the way we perceived our mother-figure and the exchange of nurturance throughout childhood, intuition, foundation of feminine principles, sensitivity to public responses and perceptions, habits, the home.
      Emphasis:  Capacity to feel and express emotions from the subconscious.  Moon responses are reflexive-gut responses that allow our preservation of safety.
      The Moon shows how we react to daily activities, especially when meeting other people and finding ourselves caught off-guard.  It is the inner side of ourselves that we do not want to readily show the world, in order to protect our sensitivities.  It is the way that we probe for information to know what position we need to take, in order to know how we will be affected by an issue. 
      In Roman mythology, the goddess Diana was associated with the moon.  Many women named “Diana-Diane-Dina/Donna” may show strong Moon-Cancer traits:  a vulnerable, sensitive nature, deep family/home ties, and a need to nurture and comfort, especially children.  Other names associated with child care/child psychology/nursery schools are Carol or Carole.  The Moon is exalted in Taurus; in detriment in Capricorn (a ‘cold, insensitive mother); and in its fall in Scorpio.
      Expression:  I don’t want to show you how much I feel about issues, to protect myself inside.  My emotions are very vulnerable and I can’t let you hurt me like that.

The Messenger of the Gods
Rules:  Gemini & Virgo*
Anatomy:  Nervous system, hands and arms, respiratory system
Phrase:   Mental activity, intellectual expression, communications and words, dexterity, opinion and sensory perception, education, writing, short trips and travel, sales and salesmanship, promiscuity
       Emphasis:  The way the mind functions and reacts, the type of psychological approach to determine a person’s ability to make decisions and convey ideas to others.  It also emphasizes what we find critical and important, and what we choose to ignore.
      People with strong Mercurian emphasis are noted for their abilities to be very easy and quick-minded to grasp ideas, and to be able to communicate on several projects at a time.  The god Mercury was also known as the patron of liars and thieves, and Mercurian-touched souls can be noted for their agile fingers, potential “light touch” with objects they desire, and the ability to glibly talk their way out of problems.
       *Esoterics have mentioned a trans-Mercurian planet called “Vulcan.”  The concept of rulership of Virgo by Mercury has been batted around, even to the point of assigning rulership of Virgo to the satellite Chiron.  I personally feel that Virgo has a Mercurian connection, but that Vulcan will properly be assigned as ruler, when its discovery is made in the 21st Century.
      Expression:  A regular jack-of-all trades.  Any conversation is fair game.  The Joker.  Mercury is exalted in Aquarius (the Higher Thinking Awareness of the Universe; in detriment in Pisces (too overwhelmed by sensations and ‘other-worldly’ impressions); and in fall in Sagittarius (too inclined to think of the righteousness of one’s own Mind).

V E N U S 
The goddess of Love; Rules:  Taurus and Libra
Anatomy:  Kidneys, ovaries, female reproductive system, throat, neck, sensory ability of skin
Phrase:  Social involvement and relationships, sense of value, appreciation of beauty, artistic expression, romance and friendships as a relationship, sensual affection and desire, musical expression, singing, jewelry, beautification & cosmetology, sweets, chocolate
       Emphasis:  What you really love most about life, what you love to have in your life, what you want most to make you feel happy and pleasurable, comforts and joy in life, social relationships.
       Venusian souls are interested in harmony and balance in their lives and the lives of those to whom they are bonded by love or friendship.  They have the outer glow of beauty and attraction to and by the opposite sex, and they have an inner passion for expressing their desire to receive and give affection and love.  They are sensuously aware of themselves and their needs.
       Venus is exalted in Pisces, where it finds the highest, most inspirational (and overly romantic, in some cases!) expression of love; in fall in Virgo (where it tends to dissect and discriminate feelings in place of yielding to the emotion); in detriment in Scorpio, where the possessive, controlling passions may give a love-or-hate/it’s all the same outlook.
       Expression:  Life is beautiful.  Just be nice; good manners and a pleasant condition go a long way with me.  I enjoy pleasure, comforts, and I feel so good with you! 

The god of War; Rules:  Aries (also Scorpio)
Anatomy:  Muscular system, adrenal glands, male reproductive system & testosterone, head

Phrase:  Action, courage, aggression, anger, sexual energy, fighting spirit, passion and competition.
Emphasis:  Surgery, wounds and cuts, knives and weaponry, fire, sexuality.
       Mars shows individual ambition, which leads to work-related activity.  Mars can also show how danger and violence can be part of our lives.  It shows the greatest release of motivation, from where we get our energy and passion for something, and how we control our temper (and in what way we release it).  Mars also indicates the kind of man a woman desires in her life.  Mars is exalted in Capricorn (building the big idea that will last); in fall in Cancer.
       Expression:  A good debate clears the air!  Life would be boring without a challenge!  Let’s do something about it!  
Are you talking to me?

The King of the Gods; also Jehovah, the Creator
Rules:  Sagittarius (also Pisces)
Anatomy:  Liver, thighs, growth of body size

Phrase:  Benevolence and generosity, optimism, expansion and activities on a large scale; receiving financial and material benefits, spiritual protection and goodwill earned from karmic rewards; compassion to those less fortunate; overindulgence and extravagance.
       Emphasis:  Religious and philosophical ideals, higher education, beliefs and values; how a person emphasizes prosperity gained and understood from obtaining higher truths; sense of justice and morals.
      Jupiterian souls are very optimistic, often blessed with “good fortune or luck,” inclined to be interested in upholding the rules and laws that society maintains to show our Divine inheritance.  It also shows excessive traits, such as wanting too much of something and not knowing when to stop because it it enjoyable.
       Expressions:  Just give me the good news.  Something will turn up for the better.  The bigger, the better.  There’s always room for one more.  Just take a chance.  


Chronus (Father Time); The Reaper
Rules:  Capricorn (also Aquarius)
Anatomy:  Bones & skeletal system, knees, teeth, skin
Phrase:  Discipline, boundaries, crystallization, structure, duty, responsibility, lessons to be learned, rigidness, sorrow, limitations, hard work, wisdom & aging, conservatism, traditions, fears, delays, depression, time.
     Emphasis:  Saturn shows how a person requires discipline, time in learning a life task and structure.  The lesson of maturity, in which setbacks and repeated efforts bring reward after much trial and obstacles.  Saturn is the proving ground of our development, where we confront the facets of life that we wish to avoid, but must face in order to evolve.
     Saturnian souls are ‘old before their time,’ the proverbial “7-year old going on 40.”  They are intent upon climbing up the ladder of success, or at least having a stable means of securing a living.  They can be cold and insensitive to others, focusing on their achievements and ambitions at any price.  They recognize the value of effort and must learn to mix enjoyment with their work. 
      Saturn is the planet of karmic lessons, when we face up to issues that we were not prepared to handle in earlier years.  The Saturn cycle at age 29-31 brings an encounter of life as a “final exam,” where we must successfully confront the part of ourselves that we have avoided working on as a growth experience.  If this challenge for maturity is turned aside, the next Saturn return at age 58 can bring regrets and frustration at having come full circle again to a necessary type of experience that was thought to be avoided.  The representation of Chronus as Father Time shows that Saturn objectives will be encountered with the passage of years, and that postponement will only bring them back later to be reckoned with again.   
      The rulership of Saturn over the skeletal system shows that we all face up to Saturn in order to have structure in our lives.   
      Expression:  Hard work never hurt anyone.  Anything worth having is worth the hard work to get it.  Responsibilities pay off in the end.  

U R A N U S 
The Sky God
Rules:  Aquarius
Anatomy:  Ankles, shins, body electricity or aura

Phrase:  Eccentricity, rebelliousness, upheavals, a “roller-coaster” life, unexpected change, freedom and traditions unbound, magic, the occult, science and inventions, originality, erratic sexual behavior, revolution and utopian idealism.
        Uranus is the breaker of new ground, the unexpected or unusual changes in our life.  Its energy is electrical or magical in nature, tuning into the Universal Mind for inspiration and original ideas to meet the challenges of life.  It shows intuitive abilities, how we respond to groups, group activities and friends, and where we are given the creative expression of freedom from our karmic past to explore new avenues.
      The planet Uranus does not move on its axis in the same fashion as the other planets, hence the unusual Uranian energy for doing “that which is out of synch” with the rest of the world.
      Expression:  Don’t fence me in--give my space!  March to a different beat.  Create change in an unusual way.  

N E P T U N E 
The god of the Sea
Rules:  Pisces
Anatomy:  The feet and ESP abilities

Phrase:  Escapist tendencies, spiritual urge, "other-worldly" mind, dreams,       illusion, the sea and all that is hidden from the world, drugs and alcohol (and their abuse), hypnosis, poetry and art, music, fragrances, self-sacrifice and self-delusion.
       Emphasis:  Neptunian souls are "out of touch" with the world; they live in fantasy and daydreams of other lives before this time, other places than this world, and intuitive awareness of the Higher Mind/Universal Consciousness.  They are liquid-like in attitude, able to change to meet the empathic bonds they form with others.  They are attuned to the higher vibrations of music and art, being aware of the balance of musical tones or color schemes.  They are also depression prone, and will hide their worries and fears in medical problems, either real or imagined.  They will give "the shirt off their back" if they believe it is for a divine purpose:  a fellow human in need.
       Expression:  I just go with the flow.  They just spaced out again.  What's wrong with wanting to think I can dream my life away?  Music/art is my life!  I feel as though I don’t belong on this planet.

The god of the Underworld
Rules:  Scorpio; (lower scale-Mars)
Anatomy:  Reproductive and eliminative systems, pituitary gland,
   Abnormal growth (warts, tumors, birthmarks)
Phrase:  Destroying and rebuilding, mass actions by groups, death and rebirth, (both on a physical and spiritual plane), phobias and obsessions, isolation, upheaval on a gradual but extreme basis in a permanent way, secrets hidden and brought out into the open; occult tendencies; the act of sex as the basis of life's beginnings.
       Emphasis:  Plutonian influence brings change recognized on a conscious level more often, deeper hidden concepts that are brought into the open and confronted.  It is powerful change, dynamic change, long term, and cannot be avoided.  Pluto literally grabs us by the neck and shakes us; it cannot be ignored.  It indicates legacies, inheritances and insurance settlements, mass karma and how our lives are tied into the larger world order.  Pluto shows where you must face yourself, alone, and demand a resolution.
       Expression:  Damned if I do, damned if I don't.  It's my way or  no way.  I'll do what I want, when I want, and no one is going to stop me.  The paranoids are after me!  I'll die trying...

Plutonian activities include obstetrics/gerontology (life/death), plumbing and waste treatment or recycling, criminal justice and rehabilitation (half-way houses), or reformed, harmful habits (Alcoholics Anonymous)

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