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Psychological Astrology for the Diet and Health

Some observations on this very unique part of astrology:  the study of the human system and its physiological needs and components is fascinating because it comprises both the mechanics and the dynamics of how we function within the principles of the zodiac’s existence.  Foods, herbs, flowers, fragrances, colors, and even sounds are found in the signs.  Therefore, astrological physiology plays an integral role in the maintenance of the body and its requirements.  

Aries will likely have some presence of force or power from their head, or have ear-nose-throat problems.  Headaches are also problems.  Arians need potassium, so tomatoes and bananas are a must.  Garlic and onions are also an Aries food.  Because they can be so active, Aries often need mini-meals or sustained nutrition rather than large servings from a routine schedule. 

Taurus may be inclined to gain weight and have an overall thickness to the body; over-eating is a weakness.  A sweet tooth is also a culprit here.  Their singing helps exercise the throat.  The thyroid, vocal cords, tonsils, and neck are areas of emphasis.  They are sensitive to sodium sulphate, which controls water in the body.  Celery, cucumber, and raw nuts provide this; natural iodine in fish also helps the thyroid.
Gemini need dexterity toys as children: musical instruments, especially keyboards; coloring and movement for their hands, and games of catching objects.  The lungs and upper respiratory system can be vulnerable; the nerves can be high-strung and tense.  Stimulants should be avoided, such as coffee or sugar.  Mini-meals may also suffice.  The body salt potassium chloride is needed:  lettuce, celery, almonds, and apples will help.  Smoking should clearly be avoided, as this is a direct challenge to a Gemini’s lungs!
Crab-Moon Children will get an upset stomach faster than most over internalizing emotional issues that turn to tears and frustration.  More than any other sign, they are the most sensitive to the meaning and timing of the Moon’s phases.  The breasts and digestive system are vulnerable.  Calcium chloride is needed:  lettuce, broccoli (steamed, not boiled, to save nutrients), yogurt, and tomatoes will help.  Spicy food is a risk!  Milk and dairy are often recommended (but not advised due to mucous build-up).  Pineapple and papaya fruit are especially helpful for digestion.
     Crab females especially, are more tuned to the lunar phases of the Moon’s gravitational pull on the water levels (i.e., hormones and neurotransmitter flow during their menstrual cycle).  Emotional sensitivity and response to stimuli of any kind (especially social or personal issues) will kick off the worry and fears that make a Crab into a “sourball.”
A Leo is a born sun worshipper; they need more solar energy than other signs.  This does not mean they can ignore the warnings about skin cancer and the sun.  Their heart and cardio system are key areas; the upper back and spine are others.  Leos need magnesium phosphate, available in figs, egg yolk, sunflower seeds, and romaine lettuce.  Meats are also important; iron is a second need, and cashews, dates, and raisins can help, along with oranges, beets, and spinach.
Virgos need to be exceptionally careful about their digestion; the stress and worry they put themselves through (especially a Virgo ascendant) will play havoc on the intestines:  colitis, bowel problems, skin eruptions, and distress is the result.  Analytical by nature, Virgos (and ascendants) should limit their intake of animal flesh and focus instead on vegetables and greens.  Lemons will clear their digestive system, and potassium sulphate
Libras should mind their kidneys, and females should keep tabs on their ovaries.  One of the blessings of a Libra ascendant is beauty in some form; the social graces are also enhanced.  The subject has a charming personality that may mask a subversive nature if there are other indications to support this (such as a Scorpio moon).  The skin quality is often supple and needs extra attention to maintain a youthful appearance.  The lumbar (lower spine), and buttocks are also areas, and the throat and skin are secondary.  Relationships and environment are a key area of stress for Libras:  any disturbance, disagreement, argument, or distress greatly unsettles them.
        Libras must have balance in their lives:  moderation and calm.  Sodium phosphate helps them maintain acids and alkali, and their skin can help them:  yellow-sallow when a deficiency is present.  Strawberries, apples, almonds, brown rice, oatmeal, and carrots will help, as well as a lot of green foods.  Water is a must:  they must have their skin hydrated.  Skin treatments such as clay or mud baths will also help, and massage too.
A Scorpio especially should be attentive to any type of urinary or anal irritation; the body tends to clog up easily and retain toxins.  Natural, carefully scheduled detoxing and cleansing procedures are urged; this can include sauna and mud baths too.  Irrigations are also useful, especially because Scorpios are prone to hemorrhoids or other blockages and irritations.  

     Sexual diseases are another issue, and a Scorpio has a powerful sex drive that needs a positive outlet.  Alcohol is another issue:  of all the signs, a Scorpio’s skin shows the damage done from drinking, and it also enflames their hair-trigger temper.  

Calcium sulphate are needed:  figs, prunes, yogurt, cheeses, and radishes, and fish, green salads, wheat germ, pineapple are excellent.  Scorpios need their seclusion and a place for privacy; a place or area that is near water, like a beach or lake, is very helpful.
Sagittarians tend to go for rich food much like Taureans and Scorpions, but the Centaurs tend to over-tax their gall bladder and liver.  The pituitary gland is also influenced.  Hepatitis and gout can be signs of indulgences.  Sciatica, hip disease, and lameness can be problems too.  

        Sagittarians find walking (and outdoor activities like hiking or golf) is an excellent way to energize and exercise the system; stationary bike or running machine work is also recommended.  Silica is needed, and found in green peppers, strawberries, skins from fruits and vegetables, potatoes, oats, and raw salads.  Foods to avoid include rich gravies, creams, and too many sweets.
Capricorns should mind their teeth, bones and knees.  The joints in general can be a sign of trouble (arthritis, neuralgia, orthopedic problems, or rheumatism), which can be helped by eliminating calcification (cheese and dairy) that the body can not process.  The knees represent the Cap’s lessons in facing up to humility and being humble.  The gallbladder is also sensitive.

       Capricorns are prone to depression.  Their attitude clearly impacts their health, but they are a sign that actually grows stronger with age.  

Protein and calcium are necessary because a Capricorn tends to work without watching the diet.  Calcium phosphate is needed to prevent tooth disorders, spinal curvature, and joint pain.  Oranges, figs, celery, broccoli, walnuts, almonds, and fish will go a long way in preserving their well-being.  The skin should also be kept supple with plenty of water, and body massage with oils is excellent.
Aquarians should eat more citrus (especially the white part of the peel called “rutin”) in order to help with blood flow and circulation.  The body’s electro-magnetic energy field may be lower or restricted; the use of magnets may help balance this as well as massage.  The calves, shins, and ankles are vulnerable; varicose veins are a problem.  Hardening arteries, anemia, and low blood pressure are also issues.  The pineal gland is also associated with Aquarius; as the “seat of the soul,” its function and purpose is unknown, but associated with mental abilities that the human mind has forgotten how to use.

     Sodium chloride is needed, but sea salt will work better than common table salt.  Seafood, fish, celery, spinach, lettuce, lentils, almonds, and fresh fruit and vegetables will aid the veins.  Aquarians tend toward grey hair early in life.  Exercises that offer limited impact on the shins and ankles (mini-trampoline, stationary bicycle, treadmill, or walking) are excellent for them.
Pisces should watch the feet for fungus, nail problems, arches, and other complications.  Of the 12 signs, Pisces is the most vulnerable to alcohol and substance indulgences.  Their bodies will show the aging affects from alcohol faster than other signs.  Their health is not the strongest by nature, especially when the sign is found on the ascendant.  Colds, sinus problems, water retention, and sensitive systems with delicate immunity protection are often faced by Pisceans.

       The thalamus and central nervous system are other body sites that need attention.  The strong intuitive, gentle side of a Pisces can be overwhelmed by outside stimuli, and they need a place for isolation and recovery if their emotional levels are upset.  

          Ferrum phosphate is needed; iron is the mineral.  Cashews, beets, spinach, egg yolks, beans, liver, apples, oranges, apricots, raisins, grapes, and lean meats are necessary.  

     Swimming is an excellent Piscean exercise; they are fond of long showers and hot soaks in tubs.  Dancing is almost natural to them; any form of aerobics is also good. Foot rubs and reflexology massage are delightful treats for them.

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