Friday, September 10, 2010

What's your moon sign mean to you?

What character is your moon sign?

It’s been my observation that the moon ‘acts’ the same way as a sun placement, but with “moon-needs” as far as the type of energy that someone "needs" to be expressed and fulfilled. The moon says, “This is what I Need to feel comfortable, and since I’m subconscious, I’m not an up-in-your-face item.”

As with the other planets, the moon will take on the caliber or quality of the sign with which it’s placed:
  1. A moon in Aries will be someone who lives for a fight or challenge; 
  2. a Taurus moon wants to take things slow and steady, and enjoys sensuous, physical stimulation;
  3. a Gemini moon needs to talk and question things and write down their thoughts;
  4. a Cancer moon wants to support and comfort, as well as feel safe before making a move, and will welcome a meal as a sign of comfort;
  5. a Leo moon wants attention, grand gestures, display, and to be appreciated for their feelings and gestures of loving someone;
  6. a Virgo moon needs to dissect and mince through an issue to find out just how it works and qualify it as an action that can be specific in nature. They also feel it's impossible (for them) to be perfect--and that's what they crave--from their partners, too;
  7. a Libra moon wants to be assured that there’s no conflict of interest and that everything is in accordance with everyone’s sense of ownership;
  8. a Scorpio moon…well, someone dangerous knows about that and doesn’t want this told!! (which also goes along with the naturally suspicious and protective nature of the sign), as well as a need to be in control and defend against threats;
  9. a Sagittarius moon wants BIG things to happen, and be able to philosophize about it, as well as being outdoors to feel good;
  10. a Capricorn moon wants achievement and approval in order to feel safe, as well as constant recognition for works and projects done;
  11. an Aquarius moon takes the different path for solutions, as well as keeping a sense of detachment and aloofness. Social contacts take the place for intimacy needs;
  12. and a Pisces moon wants to cry over everything because they feel everyone’s pain and don’t know where they fit in this crazy world because it doesn’t make sense! If only…if only this were another planet…a dimension…or a fantasy world…ah!
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