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Capricorn the Sea-goat - Status and Achievement

 (Just a note:  not ALL the classic social role models ("archetypes") will fit the sign's characteristics--but these are good examples of people who outwardly express the qualities of the sign.)

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)
"I Am What I Achieve"

The persistency and long-term approach to work and the results of effort mark the Capricorn individual. The need for conscientious, organized ambition makes them seem coldly relentless in their pursuit of a career or goal. They really are much more aware of creating and establishing their boundaries of independence and achievement as a base of security in planning for their future. Capricorns are the natural executives, business planners and managers of enterprise. They are constantly seeking to rise up beyond their present level of responsibility. They almost seem to be born "old before their time," and young Capricorn children often reach out for practical ways of earning money and prestige, assuming an air of resolve that makes them feel at ease with older people.

The Capricorn key phrase is "I Use," and Capricorns utilize anything available to see them as successful. Everything has a definite means of fitting a structure for their recognition for status. The world of politics attracts the Capricorn soul, with the emphasis on government, and the ruthless opportunities that can offer the temptation of power. 

There is also a milder side to the Capricorn work ethic, and that is the less aggressive person who can be content with a daily routine in a more established position. This person can be likened to a tethered goat, knowing the limitations of his wandering, while his more driven, tireless representation can be thought of as the sure-footed mountain goat, climbing even higher towards lofty peaks.

Capricorn brings the rigidity of the lessons of Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, and the Capricorn-influenced parts of the body correspond accordingly. The structural parts of the anatomy: the teeth, the bones, nails, skin, and especially, the knees, are Capricorn influenced. Because Capricorn tendencies make people so uncompromising in their drive for a structured life, they find themselves unwilling to yield at times, hence, the "bending of the knees" to learn humility is emphasized. Capricorn features in a chart can bring a small stature and much body hair, and the ability to bear up to much physical demands to do hard work.

Capricorns often unfairly are considered distant and insensitive to affection and matters of romance. Instead, they are very responsive, once they have overcome their basic need for fulfillment of security in relationships. Many Capricorns have the capacity to marry for money first, and then love. Capricorn women can display a classic beauty based on good bone structure that is sought by the fashion model industry.

Structure, Lessons & Responsibility
Status & Achievement
(Saturn) - Lessons Become Strengths by  being Tested
The CEO   
The Politician   
The Workaholic   
The “Monument Builder

R. Nixon 
Elvis Presley 
Great Depression  
W.R. Hearst 
Citizen Kane
Pharoahs of Egypt

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