Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mixed astrological elements create the signs

Elements are ways that the soul is energized and motivated toward activating the personality.  It makes sense to me that the signs are potential combinations of elements--which sort of coincides with the idea that some signs DO get along with others, even when they're not in natural harmony.  (Squares as an aspect work this way: they force our psyche to develop new ways of resolving obstacles.)

Therefore, this is my original idea of "Mixed Elements."

Astrologically speaking, there are four elements:
Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.
Each represents a dynamic expression of energy. 
Fire is Action based on Intuition;
Earth is Stability and Grounding; 
Air is Intellect and Extension of thoughts (Extrapolation);
Water is Emotional Sensitivity

When they combine with each other...they form the zodiac signs:

Fire mixed types:

Fire/Earth: Aries. They act to ground and create
an established concept as a source of Action and Purpose.
Fire/Air: Sagittarius.  They act to expand
the Higher levels of Knowledge.
Fire/Water: Leo.  They act to expand
the depths of Love and Appreciation of Existence of Life.

Earth mixed types:

Earth/Fire: Capricorn.  They stabilize and create Institutions
of grounded large-scale plans.
Earth/Air: Virgo.  They stabilize and organize by establishing coordinated ideas which serve Humanity.
Earth/Water: Taurus. They stabilize and establish foundations
and security for emotions.

Air mixed types:

Air/Fire: Gemini.  They intellectualize and motivate
the desire to reach higher goals by activating curiosity.
Air/Earth: Aquarius.   They intellectualize and promote Knowledge that provides a common grounding for the collective social unit.
Air/Water: Libra. They intellectualize the need for emotional bonding with a Significant Other.

Water mixed types:

Water/Fire: Scorpio.  They intensify and energize the passion of action and manifestation through regeneration.
Water/Earth: Cancer.   They intensify the depths
of feelings needed for sharing emotional awareness.
Water/Air: Pisces.  They intensify the Cosmic Knowledge of Higher dimensional worlds and existence.

(c) MDLOP8 2010

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