Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Astrological job and career factors

Some ideas now about psychological astrology and employment, working habits, the job market (in general), and human resources tips:

There are several ways to utilize psychological astrology techniques in the job sector, both as employer and employee (and also for those who are self-employed).

One way is to consider personally and professionally what kind of "type" an individual is on a letter range from A through E as follows:

Type A is someone who knows from childhood what he/she will make their major emphasis in life:  they often begin studying the subject or skill at a very young age and stay focused on it.  They may also show tenacity and innate abilities at this young age; Mozart is an extreme example.  Often, the child who declares to adults what his/her life goals are and then achieves them is a good alternative.

Type B is someone who learns somewhere in their teen years about what he/she wants to do; again, many musicians learn their passion in life after seeing a concert and being inspired to learn guitar by their hero.  The Hero stands out as a motivating factor: someone who acts as a guiding beacon to the individual.

Type C individuals often wander or bounce through several career goals and objectives throughout life, and sometimes find their true calling much later, even into their 50s.  They may or may not have an established-but-not-satisfactory career already planned or in action, but they are involved in efforts to find their niche in life.  Some (Outer Planet People; see post on this at, find their purpose and mission in life after their 30s.

Type D individuals are those who are content to maintain a low-profile/low-demand job that will likely provide a sense of stability and security, but without much opportunity for advancement or significant financial gain or demands of responsibility.  The individual has a contentment to "do a routine" without much fuss or strain.

Type E individuals have little or no initiative to perform any kind of job-related or other tasks; they are somewhat parasitic in nature in relationships and endeavors.  Being supported by others in whatever fashion can be obtained is adequate.

Furthermore, there are no distinct signs that can be classified in any way, although some show more outward traits than others.  For example, an Aries will likely try self-employment as well as a career with a strong measure of independent options; a Taurus would want something that offers financial and long-term stability and gain; a Gemini could multi-task quite easily; a Cancer would enjoy interpersonal opportunities; a Leo would enjoy endeavors that offer recognition and reward; a Virgo would be inclined to assist others or act in a support role; a Libra would also enjoy teamwork and partnerships; a Scorpio would prefer to be alone and in seclusion, or not be supervised while working on independent plans; a Sagittarius would enjoy working outdoors or where he/she could share ideas to large groups; a Capricorn will likely either find Type D conditions ("the tethered goat") or be a hard-working individual with strong executive goals in whatever they choose; an Aquarius would either reject or accept opportunities depending on circumstances that offer diversity, and a Pisces might either totally abandon work or immerse themselves in projects.

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