Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moon phases and astrological timing of actions

Using the moon's phases to work with schedules and timing of events is something that connects with everyone--if they're willing to watch and see the results. 

Using timing and the knowledge of when to take action on something is called electional astrology. As much as people laughed at it, Nancy Reagan was very serious about using timing in her husband's presidency. That's why he was sworn in during the early morning hours of his elected offices; she was using astrological information--and she did the same thing for his speeches and other presentations.She and President Reagan were not the only high-level people to use astrology for things like timing events, decisions, or other plans. So did financier J. P. Morgan, who was known to say about it, "Billionaires use astrology. Millionaires don't." (Financial astrological consultations are a huge part of the market and has been openly discussed by some of the bigger money managers.)*  

At the new moon, plans should be made: brainstorming, networking, designing a new project or endeavor.

* At the 1st quarter moon, plans should be implemented: now is the time to take action.

* At the full moon, plans should be realized: success or failure should be apparent.

*At the 4th quarter moon, plans should be concluded or corrections made.An eclipse works similarly, but both types are a positive reinforcement of a part of the psyche:

* Depending on the day and time in the year, a solar eclipse may show something about the individual's self-image, ego, and ability to be acknowledged or acclaimed for some endeavor or accomplishment. It reveals the better qualities of the individual.

* Depending on the day and time in the year, a lunar eclipse shows something about the individual's need for security, safety, and dealing with the public (and women in general).

That "blue moon" thing also comes up here: because it means that a "second" new moon has fallen in that month, it means that there is twice the opportunity to start a project, or to revive or jump-start a project that was delayed or never moved forward.

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