Monday, April 9, 2012

The psychological astrology of the Titanic tragedy

       My birthday is April 14th, the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. In more ways than one, I have a “Titanic connection.”  
Part of what I mean is a concept pioneered by my Seattle friend and astrologer, Eileen Grimes, whose book Titanic Astrology – The Grand Design of a Famous Shipwreck, was endorsed by Noel Tyl and Michael Lutin, two of the premier names in psychological astrology circles.  Eileen has also served on the board of the Washington State Astrological Association and teaches a popular series of astrology courses and workshops.  Her site is
Her latest article on the 100th-year anniversary of the tragedy is at

Eileen’s research of more than 1000 charts connected to the Titanic’s legacy and disaster has revealed a very valuable and important set of markers to consider in psychological astrology.  In my view after reading her book and recognizing my personal association beyond my birth date with this tragedy, the Titanic stands as an indication of the hubris, or elevated arrogance, of mankind; in the case of the Titanic, that it was about the Edwardian time period’s infatuation with glamour and amenities rather than practicality for safety that stands as the greater part of the reason more than 1500 people lost their lives.  This too is about Ego, and that word itself is an Aries trait—which certainly ties into the latter half of the sign and the above-mentioned date of the Titanic’s unfortunate voyage.  

What Eileen has identified are four major cardinal points within a range of degrees that are consistent with the building of the ship, its voyage, and the important people associated with it, ranging from passengers to the board directors of the White Star Line and the crew.  These marker points are within the range of 19-25 degrees of the Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn cross.  As cardinal signs, these are the ones which psychologically indicate that the soul is prepared to accept a lifetime of challenges and experiences that are demanding and more direct in nature regarding significant soul lessons.  Depending on a person’s birth date, they may or may not have a number of these ranges of cardinal sign placements and degrees; one variation is to use midpoints as a determination.  (For reference, a midpoint is the mid-range of two signs: kind of a 50-50 position.  Most computers can provide this grid.)

What does a person with a significant “Titanic signature” experience in his/her life and how does it play out in psychological astrology?  He or she may undergo tremendous Life Change experiences that reveal a great deal about the need to manage and control the ego, or they may be open to great upheavals of events or circumstances that are like the biblical story of Job (or Joseph—or even Samson.  All three men were known to be outspoken about their superior status—and were humbled as a means of learning to control this).  In a social setting, the Titanic’s sinking and the bombastic attitude that the ship was unsinkable are reminders that those individuals who may carry the Titanic signature are the embodiment and reminder we are responsible for the voice of reason and practicality as a way of protecting innocent people as well as cautioning against elevated thinking without foundation.

Other events in society also mark this way of imprinting us in the ways that we are cautioned to heed the warnings after disaster strikes:  the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City in 1911 that killed 146 young women, mostly immigrants; the Olympic luge athlete who died in the 2010 Winter Games event after warning his family that he was concerned about the safety of the track; the Tenerife (Canary Islands) airport disaster of 1977 when two 747 airliners collided and killed 583 people, the greatest air catastrophe ever known; the Bhopal chemical accident in India which killed anywhere from 4,000 to 20,000 people; and of course, the Challenger shuttle explosion in 1986, the Exxon Valdez tanker spill of crude oil in Alaska in 1984, the Gulf of Mexico oil well explosion of 2010, and the nuclear plant disasters at Chernobyl in 1986 and the Fukashima reactor in Japan in 2011.  

The messages are clear each time:  when we forget to care for each other’s safety as members of society or ignore the hazards and dangers to the environment, we are forced into action that is devastating and overwhelming in its overall price.  Unfortunately, these cardinal degrees are potential signals of being motivated to learn a major phase of responsibility—like the influence and legacy of a great ship that was doomed for failure because no one thought of looking at the synchronicity of the event until Eileen mapped out the possible identifying coordinates.

Regarding the sign positions that indicate a "Titanic connection" in my chart: counting planets and midpoints, I have at least 12 that qualify that I was involved...and onboard. And the implications are something I don't enjoy discussing by way of association via reincarnation. However, they are part of my life pattern and astrological awareness. And I accept my culpability.

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