Monday, October 22, 2012

Saturn dynamics for Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius

Saturn, the Master Teacher of Needed Life Lessons (that you DON'T enjoy) is now beginning its way through Scorpio. This means several things to people born in key signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio itself, and Aquarius. Being that you're Fixed signs (,
you don't like Change or Adjustment--and that's EXACTLY what you need to face as Saturn contacts your Sun. When can you expect YOUR time to come? That's why you should contact me.

For all Scorpions:
This transit (or level of current activity) can bring both fulfillment and difficulties.  Roughly 14 years ago, you encountered a period of adversity and low vitality.  But at the same time, you made new beginnings that are now having results.  These efforts will either reach a climax and be successful, or you will realize that they have failed.  In any case, this is a time of tremendous responsibility and hard work to guarantee the successful conclusion of your old projects and endeavors or to salvage the best from the failures.

Do not take on any new projects at this time that are not directly related or connected to what you are already doing.  The additional responsibility could be too much for you and could cause health problems, especially with your heart and circulatory system. (Reiki treatment helped me very much.)  When you have successfully completed all your current projects, you may start new ones.  This is a time of perseverance, hard work, and responsibility, and there is great potential for reward.

Those areas of your life that have not worked out as expected should not be regarded as complete failures.  Several years ago, when you embarked on these projects, you may not have understood as much as you do now.  This transit will make you aware of this fact.  Don’t start out on a new course until you have cleared up whatever may not have worked out.  Otherwise you will only work hard to no avail and cause possible damage to your health.  This can be a time of personal and professional defeats.

The energy of Saturn holds back the energy of the Sun, which is your basic life energy.  Saturn confines and restricts it so that you can do only certain things.  As a result, you may feel cut off from others and lonely, but do not be too concerned about this.  Even if this transit coincides with the breaking up of a relationship, which it may, it means that the relationship itself is distracting you from matters that you must attend to now.  This is a time for concentrating energy, not scattering it.

Leo & Aquarius: expect that you may feel unusually discouraged at this time because your vitality and life force is at a low point.  It may be best not to struggle too hard against any adversity or setbacks that challenge or restrict your life.  Patience and perseverance will carry you through until your energy level is up again in several months.  However, do keep in mind that a Saturn transit lasts for @ 2.5 years, so the lingering effects will be there.  Saturn teaches us to improve and correct; the Sun represents Ego and Self-Identity, and a square means that a correction or flexible change must be applied.

          Authority figures, such as employers, government officials, or parents may now be sources of frustration or resistance to your method of self-expression.  You may find that they are not receptive to your plans or suggestions; that you are being thwarted or held back.  It is advisable to work patiently to bring them around to your point of view.  Don’t withdraw from the confrontation, but don’t fight them blindly and without a chance to discuss or reason with them.  That would guarantee defeat.

          This period of your life is directly linked to a time seven years ago when you made a series of new beginnings.  The projects you began then are encountering their first major crises points.  This transit is made especially difficult by the fact that many of these projects have been going quite well and the current difficulties seem totally unexpected.

          However, this is a period of trial, which will demonstrate whether or not those new beginnings were valid.  Anything invalid will likely fall away from you now, and may be regarded by you as a failure.  You may not consider this or notice it, especially if you have not paid attention to details.  If you are trying to save something that is not worth keeping, you may be able to temporarily fool yourself, but it will only reappear seven years from now, and in less shape or condition to be saved than ever—and the losses will be that much more painful.  Cut the losses now that you are experiencing as soon as you accept them for what they are:  dead-end finalities.  Concentrate on the successful areas now to bring them to a climax at the end of the same seven-year period.

          Your ambitions may be thwarted now, but be patient and make sure you are on the right course.  If you are, this transit will be worth the delays and frustrations rather than a defeat.  If it is a defeat and projects or efforts are closing, you can accomplish a great deal by refocusing your energies on more productive and successful areas.  At the same time, do be cautious about health, especially your cardiovascular system.  This would be an excellent time to get a check-up or begin to incorporate better health practices.

Born under Taurus? Time to be pulled apart by Saturn as it opposes your Sun: This may be a very discouraging time.  Your vital energies are at a 29-year low, and you may feel quite incapable of dealing with the adversities that often accompany this transit. These adversities may come from a number of sources.  First, other people—particularly employers and other persons in authority—may oppose your plans in several areas.  This is usually not a good time for successfully attaining your goals or promoting yourself.

You may feel physically tired, as if the burdens of your life are too much to handle.  Quite commonly during this transit, people feel old, even if they are in fact quite young, and there is a profound sense of world-weariness.  Avoid excessive strains on your health, because that can lead to a major health breakdown, particularly if you are older.
Be careful of your health and conserve your energies.  You will have plenty of opportunities to use them later, despite your feelings at the moment.

Your ambitions may also be thwarted by circumstances or by other people.  Even though you and your associates have the best intentions for your future, something seems to block you.  It is possible that you may be caught in some kind of relationship, for example, a bad marriage or love affair that limits your self-expression.  Quite frequently, this transit brings such relationships to an end.

This transit is best dealt with by understanding that it is a part of a natural cycle in your life.  Nothing is gained by fighting it; instead, you must learn to flow with it.  This transit is the end of a 29-year cycle in which you have put energy out into the world and built up important structures in your life.  From them will come the foundation of a new cycle.  This transit represents a period of endings, which will be followed by new beginnings.  The problem is to avoid being discouraged and frustrated by the endings.  Soon you will have the opportunity to begin new projects that will build up to new peaks of achievement in about 14 years, when Saturn conjoins your Sun.  There will be a time of significant trial in about seven years when Saturn squares your Sun as your new projects are tested to see if they are of real value in your life.

If you hang on and are patient, opportunities will soon return for success and achievement.  But don’t try to strike out right now, for you would not be likely to succeed, and you would only have to start over again.  Your life is changing very rapidly, and it will be difficult to anticipate what course it will take from here on.

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