Thursday, November 8, 2012

Eclipses Open up Life Events

Eclipses are dramatic "wild cards" in our charts that bring on “fated” events: a “change of direction” if a personal planet is involved, especially the Sun or Moon.  It brings a bright light of truth to the part of your life that is touched by the eclipse. Eclipses act as brilliant illuminators, revealing a condition that you were unaware existed: they can help you do things you never realized possible. They can also act as catalysts to a major life decision.  

If an eclipse falls on your birthday, the year that follows certainly will be quite eventful. Take any message you hear at the time of an eclipse seriously--there usually is no way to get a situation reversed. 

All eclipses indicate change; solar eclipses signify beginnings and usually manifest as events in the outer world. Eclipse periods are extremely active, often associated with meaningful events and public exposure. The heightened impact of eclipse energy can be felt by everyone as much as 3 months in advance and has subtle reverberations for as long as 3 years afterwards. Although the energies are most prominent for a week on either side of the eclipse (many feel a heightened sense of anxiety during this period), the influence on events continues. 

A solar eclipse is a New Moon with tremendous impact. During solar eclipses we

·        begin something new
·        make promises to ourselves
·        commit to something
·        announce to the world-at-large or others
·        present ourselves
·        make plans
·        make decisions
·        rise to the challenge
·        make an effort
·        change- mature
·        travel at a faster pace
·        feel restless
·        feel pressured by deadlines and a buildup of emotions
·        experience a crisis and feel excited.
During a lunar eclipse, emotional-subconscious energies are released or awakened. Something internal has been identified or recognized; there is now a chance to express it in a social, ouward way. It often involves another person, especially a female (as it's lunar-moon).

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