Monday, December 31, 2012

Tony Romo meets the Black Moon Lilith

"Ballad of Tony Romo: Chalk up another painful finale to Cowboy QB's career of heartbreaks" reads a headline in the Yahoo! online sports section for American professional football. He's the quarterback. The leader. The go-to guy who should bring them victories--and championships.
     But he hasn't--ever. Yes, the team self-destructs, the ownership has been too involved in management, and for the record, the coach has made several bad decisions that ended in losses. But Tony Romo, a man who has suffered yet another defeat, has met a Lilith moment. With Lilith (the Black Moon-Denier of Success) in Virgo, he has just experienced a transit via (Lilith in) Gemini that is exactly squaring its natal position. And as true as ever to the nature of the Black Moon Herself, She has refused someone who has waited patiently and worked hard for the acclaim that was sought so earnestly.
  The lesson again: knowing how astrological timing matters--and which options to consider--can be quite invaluable. I'm not a betting man nor a person who looks at the stars for timing phases for gambling--but if I had money on the Dallas-Washington game yesterday, there's no way I would have bet on Tony to win considering that he had a strong Lilith challenge.  In the case of Mr. Romo, a professional athlete, he says it as though he has gained the perspective that Lilith meant him to know:
    He was asked how he handles these defeats, and he started to talk about caring too much about winning, then stopped.  "I'm lucky to have a great wife and a great kid," he said. "You have to hang on those things and your faith when you feel like you're down."
Three cheers for your wisdom, Tony, hard-earned and painful. Next time, consider checking out the astrological events and timing in your chart. You might come out a winner.

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