Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Yod - A Cosmic Tuning fork's energy

When two natal planets are caught in a quincunx-inconjunct pattern of 150 degrees as the channels for the Y-shape (think of the opposition to a sign, but look to either side instead. For example, from Aries, you'll get Virgo and Scorpio)--and that's a Yod. It's a Cosmic Lightning Rod--a divining rod, if you please--for Action, Intelligence, and Form. And you are the receiver of this energy. Yods are given no more than 3 degrees aspect, but the Sun and Moon are allowed 4 degrees.

A Yod is "the Finger of God," meaning that the Creative Source of All is tapping on your forehead--a "Big Energy that is Powerful in its Expression is coming your way." Think of it as a Cardinal sign dynamic: "Life Events are Magnified."

What are you going to do with it? What's the message?
Truly: get yourself some astrological advice here. Pick up a natal report and LEARN your strengths, talents, abilities--and also your challenges and limitations that NEED to be tested and proven to develop your character and personality. Order the asteroids-Chiron profile and understand/fulfill deep understanding about your Life Partner quality; your nurturing/caring need to share with society; empowerment & courage, and dedication to a cause or purpose. It's better to be prepared than to wait for lightning to strike, and you're on target--or THE target.

So take this as a signal to do something: order a report or book from me, or get involved as you please with your astrological studies. The stars are saying it's time you tap your empowerment by learning why you're unique.

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