Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mars in Taurus - Steady at the helm

With Mars in Taurus in transit in the sign of the Bull and its earthy element, this is a time to Slow Down and Act with Deliberation, Purpose, and Consistency--and Get the Job Done because that's what keeps us focused. 

All manners of physical work, including exercise, should be better now: the body human and its flesh-and-blood construction, will be better able to handle requirements and functions if asked and applied. This also includes care and treatment--as in "get some quality time for relaxation and comfort." 

It's absolutely appropriate to go to the gym a bit more if you need the hands-on workout, but it's also just as important now--more than ever--to get body care, including adjustments, manipulation, or other corrective support, and also massage, reflexology, spa or other water therapies, or sensory enhancement (aromatherapy, ear candling, mud baths, or even deep soaking time in a hot tub).

Mars in Taurus is a time when intellect and decision-making moves slowly; therefore, it's absolutely correct for deep thinking, planning, strategizing, and even deliberation. It can also be beneficial for projects that would take time to fulfill or accomplish; this could be an excellent opportunity to tackle a large project that does not have a need for a fast resolution. However you use this energy, it's slow and steady--and gives a great potential for tangible rewards.

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