Thursday, August 29, 2013

Astrological Fear of Success leads to Self-Undoing

Do you know someone who is afraid of accomplishment?  How about someone whose astrological patterns show "a fear of success" or "a rejection of Life Challenges": someone who subconsciously attracts or manifests conditions which sabotages his/her life (or that of someone in collaboration) so that plans go astray in spite of the best intentions or desires. Or they express desire for happiness, but the fear of "the unknown" and its potential for growing past and through life challenges makes them reject opportunities that would otherwise bring them wisdom.

It's as if they generate a force field of Mercury/Mars retrograde in their lives. These actions are externalized through others, especially key family members, in the form of illness, accident, and other forms of controlled chaos.  Each time a plan is set or about to be implemented, someone close to the subject has an event upon which the subject then postpones, cancels, or delays whatever he/she was going to activate, again, with a second party's involvement.  (Hence, the Mars/Mercury retrograde parallel.)  I've known Crabs who do this with controlled helplessness, but this is slightly different: the subject DOES want to move forward or activate a project or goal, but is too emotionally caught up in the lives of others.

I believe there are patterns which may be clues: the moon in a water sign (especially Cancer) with Mars in tight or inharmonious aspect (conjunction, square, opposition--or even quincunx); Capricorn ascendant (I've seen this twice--they were content to be "tethered goats), and a cardinal sign Sun (or the cusp of Cancer-Leo: the Lion for dramatic effort).  The Aries sun type WANTS to initiate or activate, but keeps being sidetracked; the Libra type is too caught up in relationship issues, including co-dependency. And the Capricorn ambition to achieve is legendary; in this case, the objective (or mountain top) that is never reached.

I've also seen this with personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) in the 12th house--especially in water signs. (The individual gets so emotionally caught up in decision-making that they can't get going. Try telling a Mars in Pisces 12th house to take action! "On your mark, get set...{sink to the bottom!}"

A Jupiter/Saturn opposition or--believe it or not--the conjunction--can also indicate this: the person has great large-scale ideas (Jupiter), but is frustrated (or worried) about achieving them (Saturn). I call that aspect "driving with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake pedal." On the other hand, this could also indicate someone who DOES achieve in spite of obstacles or delays.

Again, psychological astrology looks at the individual and offers options: there is not a "you will do this" condition, but rather a set of choices.  Success or frustration is one example of how and why psychological astrology shows us the way we open or close the doors in our lives.

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Christina said...

Excellent post, Mitch. I'd include the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in there too.