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Saturn Life Lessons by House Placement

Saturn in the chart is always a place where many people do not want to go for answers.  However, it's one of the most profound areas where we can learn about our need for soul growth, lessons to achieve this, and how to find answers to the day-to-day life challenges as well as long-term needs.  Here are the Fear Factors that must be overcome, and their respective Saturn Life Lessons and goals.

States of Saturn, Fear Factors, 
& Life Mastery Goals: Houses 1-12

1st house:  State of Being
Fear: not existing; not having recognition for Self; not being recognized for accomplishments; fears of not being adequate enough; disputing ego validation: “I will prove myself to you.”
Duty:  commitment.  Rebuilding the persona, body, image, and presentation; Rearranging and rebuilding the personality; actions that prove Self.
Mastery Goal: Adaptation.  Courage to face change.

2nd house:  State of Security
Fear: That nothing lasts; loss of love, property, assets, resources. Questioning guarantees, self-value; ownership; being stuck in  ruts. “I’m a loser: nothing I ever wanted stayed in my life, and neither did anyone.”
Duty:  Commitment to values that define Self; economic responsibilities; establishment of self-worth; validation of ability to earn or show monetary or trade flow of goods; learning to speak up for self; affirming needs.
Mastery Goal:  self-establishment of self-worth; ownership of assets and resources.

3rd house:  State of Mind
Fear: not being intelligent enough; fear of speech & learning; doubting use of ideas and words. Difficulty with tests, written materials and responses, basic and higher education fulfillment. Difficulty with sibling relationships and how to manage them. “I don’t have brains for this!”
Duty:  education; public speaking; writing; conceptual competency and strong communication skills; coursework - class work; teaching.
Mastery Goal: intellectual commitment concentrated mental efforts.

4th house - Home State
Fear:  no home or family; worries about “end of life”; no “roots"; "belonging” anxiety;  not close to group & distrusting attachment. Avoiding grounding and establishing foundation of self: “I have no place to call my own.”
Duty: Manifestation of home and family as social hub for transition; safety in present environment; building a home base; owning land; Ability to live by oneself.
Mastery Goal:  Emotional commitment and dependability.

5th house - Creative State
Fear: no love or affection; not sure about desire for children; questioning authenticity of love; doubting creativity. Little or no interest in arts or sports; “I’m not talented.” 
Duty: dignified presentation and acceptance  of artistic endeavors or creative integrity through coordinated activities: dancing, movement classes (yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong); working with children in groups (Scouts, camping, pre/nursery school or day care).
Mastery Goal:  artistic discipline; recreating oneself  through creative endeavors.

6th house:  State of Employment
Fear:  hard work; responsibility; skeptical of one’s real usefulness to others; reluctance to do dirty jobs or  daily routines; superstitions & (over)-attention to health matters. Not willing to follow a schedule: “I don’t know what I want to do.”
Duty:  designing vocational potentials; (human resources); competent employment record built and maintained; following schedules; following a proper diet and eating habits.
Mastery Goal: commitment to apprenticeship; service to others.

7th house:  State of Intimacy
Fear: no Life Partner or enduring relationship; uncertainty about being bonded to another; needing distance. Not wanting to give up  freedom of Self and choices: “I’ll never find someone who wants to be with me.”
Duty: Stable, committed, and lasting relationship; union with another; willingness to share life with someone on a mutual schedule.
Mastery Goal:  Accepting rituals and protocols of attraction and acceptance by and for another.

8th house - State of Surrender
Fear:  change; sharing assets;  ($$, home, car); resources;  Afraid of death; sex; intimacy; Reluctance to surrender to another body and soul: “I don’t feel safe sharing (myself) with someone else.”
Duty:  commanding the proficiency of sharing resources and values of others; blending self with Other; exploring other beliefs and information about end-of-life processes.
Mastery Goal:  commitment to growth; learning to share; incorporating others’ values to promote growth.

9th house - Intuitive State
Fear: nothing to believe in; skeptical about faith in any Divine System. Reluctance to pursue education as path for wisdom. Distrust in authority figures of moral or social impact and influence. "I can't trust what I'm being told by those who say they speak the truths that I need to learn!"
Duty: structuring one’s cosmology; commitment to teaching others Higher Social Values, Truths, & Spiritual Ideals.
Mastery Goal: authority to establish and represent one’s metaphysical values. Acceptance and awareness of own knowledge of Spirit within Self and internalizing this as Wisdom.

10th house - Professional State
Fear: being nobody; doubting fame, lacking recognition and public involvement; issues with father/authority figures. Reluctance to create a career goal or accomplishment; no ambition for reasonable work.“I’m not interested in that kind of work--and don't know if I WANT a job.”
Duty: commitment to developing and delivering one’s knowledge and achievement.
Mastery Goal: Pursuing and establishing concrete skills, training, and application in a path of growth; steady advancement of rank or structure within a large environment for society.

11th house - Community State
Fear: not belonging; questioning significance of friends and groups; not wanting to be part of a team; claustrophobic in crowds; not wanting to join in social gathering places. 
Duty: social responsibilities; building friendships and associations.
Mastery Goal: social shaper; group co-op membership; effective association with groups and humanitarian projects; networking.

12th house - Unconscious State
Fear: need to disappear from world; blaming fate; questioning the substantial nature of one’s reality; not living in this realm; afraid of life, the Great Unknown, or unseen things; phobias. Fears of death or losing one’s sanity.
Duty:  commitment to solitude and spiritual discipline; intimacy with Void,Higher Realm, or Divine Creative Source.
Mastery: Manifestation of sanctuary as refuge from suffering and retreat for regeneration; compassion and depth. Willingness to sacrifice for others.
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