Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pluto in Capricorn - Restructuring and Rebuilding Society, Government, and the World

(With regrets and regards to the country of Greece: it's obvious what will happen because you have not taken austerity measures to reduce your spending. For that matter, the U.S. is not innocent in its way of recklessly printing money with no backing (gold or silver standards.)

And my apologies for those who have already seen this post before--but it seems that it's my only way of reinforcing things on certain levels--for example, to the generations born at the start of the 1990s. To my dismay as a college educator, this seems to be a major issue: "Why should I try harder? Everything is just fine and I have my expectations, plans, and goals." The answer is simple: it's going to be a matter of survival by learning how to think and respond--"cause and effect," if you will. To grasp this, this post will do some long-distance travel in space, and even watch timing cycles and events too.)
Some awareness regarding Pluto (Change, Transformation, and Metamorphic Principles) in Capricorn (Business concepts and large social structures): things are in an eminent state of collapse, turnover, and rebuilding. That goes for national, political, economic, religious, and geo-physical boundaries. Remember: nations and their respective governments have a general lifespan of 200-225 years before something happens and it goes under. Sometimes a leader arises from within--or there's a confrontation from another source. 

And there's a lot of people asking about careers, money, and other plans. I note this may not the kind of business planning you want in life--but you have to deal with it. Or maybe you are looking forward to change--and need some reassurance. This is what Frances Sakoian and Louis Sacker said in the Astrologer's Handbook (italics for explanation and emphasis are mine):

     Capricorn is a sign dealing with political and economic power structures, profession, status, ambition, and leadership. During the {prior} years in which Pluto was in Capricorn, new concepts of government were born. Their most notable manifestation was in the American Declaration of Independence. The birth of democratic forms of government at this time began the displacement of aristocratic power structures. (The follow-through ripple effect was the fall of the European monarchies and the rise of the working man and the Industrial Revolution. The rise of factories and large industries (Capricorn) and businesses took hold. Now it is time for it to be torn down and rebuilt.)

     When Pluto again enters Capricorn (and stays in it until 2022-23), a world government based on the best interests of all mankind will begin. This government will be founded on new social, legal, educational, and religious concepts, which will be developed during Pluto's stay in Sagittarius.

     The generation that will be born with Pluto in Capricorn will manifest dynamic, practical will in organization, business, and government. This will be based on the concept that all human beings must be given a chance to develop their own potential according to their ability and self-discipline.

This is why the difference matters now more than ever: we are in the emerging 4th dimension of "Creativity and Thought-Manifestation" exploration. We can literally build with our minds when focused together: we can manifest realities in group concentration. 

But the movement for humanitarian efforts is the leading focal point because it is also the start of the global government as seen in the 
Star Trek series: the United Federation of Planets. Part of the rebirth of government after 2025 will involve awareness of visitors from the Pleiades and other star systems. And that is when Pluto has its time in Aquarius, the Sign of Higher Cosmic Knowledge and Brother-Sisterhood. Stick around for that--you might meet some new family.

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