Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Houses: the "Cities of the World" as Areas of Life Experience

Antero Alli, a fantastic author on astrology, wrote this book.  Within it, he had the idea of the chart houses (those "wedges," as I call 'em) as "states" of existence, much as I've outlined in a prior post.
But what I found helpful was to turn the idea of houses into "cities" around the world.  To me, the chart IS a "world view" of our lives on an individual level.  Here are my ideas for the 12 "city-states" of the world of our lives, along with dynamics of each.

1st House = Aries
New York City:
"The Big Apple" &
New York Yankees #1
(Personality & Physical Embodiment)
Early childhood years

2nd House = Taurus
Las Vegas/Monte Carlo: $$, indulgences, music; View toward sex & needs Self-values, attitude toward assets; Attitude toward earning capacity and its expression.

3rd house = Gemini
Minneapolis-St. Paul or Philadelphia
“Twin” Cities or the City of Brotherly Love; 
(siblings and communications; short travels)

4th house = Cancer-Crab
“No Place Like Home”
“Have you called your mother lately?”
(home environment; end of life; mother-figure influence)

5th house = Leo
Creativity (physical and mental)
Activities of luck;arts and crafts skills, Children and expression of romantic nature

6th house = Virgo

Hahd wehk nevah huht nobahdee
(Hard work never hurt nobody).
Work ethics, Day-to-day service and activities to humanity; Health and dietary needs

7th house = Libra
Hawaii & Polynesian Islands
Partnerships (Marriage, Business & Social Engagements) 
Dealings with Significant Others & Soul Mates

8th house = Scorpio
Moscow; Chicago (in the 1920s); Miami 
Values of Others
Death-Rebirth Cycles
Sexual Dynamics
Sharing of Self: Assets, body, energy; Attunement with 
world of spirit; Deep intensity of character
Intuitive mind; perceptive “radar”
Destructive use of power: criminal mind

9th house = Sagittarius 
Notre Dame, (school and cathedral); Jerusalem, Mecca, the Vatican; Harvard.
Higher Education and values of learning.
Social regulations and order of ideals.
Morality; Spirituality keys;
Philosophical Issues;
Interest in other cultures and values

10th house = Capricorn
Washington, D.C.; London; Cairo; Beijing; Athens
Need for a legacy
Parent (of same sex) relationship

 11th house = Aquarius
Los Angeles - San Francisco; Seattle; AmsterdamHumboldt County, CA (Eureka-Arcata)
Group Affiliations and networking
Humanitarian Endeavors & interests; Friendships and bonding ideals; Openness toward social change

12th house = Pisces
Eden; Never-Never Land; Shangri-La, Casablanca (the movie).
Undoing; self-destructive habits.  Self-limitations, Secrets and fears about oneself; Destructive habits and tendencies; abuses of soul/spirit.
unconscious mind: memory recall from prior life awareness; Retreat for privacy

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