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Aquarius - Universal Knowledge and Independence of Self

(Just a note:  not ALL the classic social role models ("archetypes") will fit the sign's characteristics--but these are good examples of people who outwardly express the qualities of the sign.)

(January 21 - February 19)
I Am Unique in order to Liberate Myself and Others

Aquarians are the independent, free-spirited souls of the zodiac, answering to none but their inner voice that makes them unpredictable in thought and behavior. 
The symbol for Aquarius is a man pouring a pitcher of water onto the earth:  the representation is the water of knowledge that Aquarians pour to share with all mankind.  Thus, Aquarius is NOT a water sign, but an air element.  Humanitarian endeavors naturally draw an Aquarian. They see no boundaries between social or nationality lines, embracing the brotherhood/sisterhood of the world. Aquarians are friendship-minded and group-oriented, and the agility and ease with which they find new associations, organizations, and ideas to share within those groups are more important than one-to-one relationships.

The rulership of Uranus makes many Aquarians feel as though they are going through life on a roller coaster, with unexpected turns and upheavals. Anyone who comes into contact with an Aquarian may also be puzzled by their strong, stubborn sense of freedom and independence, as well as their choice to change the rules according to their own whims. Aquarians also display an amazing mental aggressiveness that characterizes air signs. Their thoughts can range from eccentricity to genius, at the same time and depending upon whose opinion is being considered! The Aquarian phrase is "I Know," and they are quite honest in their confidence that much of the knowledge of the universe is accessible for them.

Aquarians must have their sense of freedom to explore their need for change and new, exciting ideas to share with others. They can detach from commitments at a moment's notice without a need to explain, making them seem cold and distant. They can remain loyal to those with whom they feel worthy of attention, but mental challenge and intellectual rapport are critical to keeping them interested.  Aquarians also enjoy the determination and stubbornness that is typical of fixed signs. They can make dedicated workers, as long as their effort leads to the benefit of a group effort.

Aquarians also share the rulership of Saturn, which lends a grounding effect to their sudden and erratic actions, as well as a desire to follow through to completion a disciplined end to what they have started. Aquarius also rules the world of electronics, radio communications and new inventions. Many Aquarians find great enthusiasm with the world of video or computers and their accessories.

Aquarius rules the electrical aura of the body, as well as the ankles and shins. They often enjoy activities that challenge them with the physical use of their legs, such as swimming, biking, or skating. They are also prone to a loss of heat in their circulatory system when they have emotional upset or other illnesses weaken them.

Brother/Sisterhood - Universal Knowledge and Thinking
(Uranus - Saturn)
Independence & Originality - Eccentricity
Social Unity
The Humanitarian
“Different Drummer”
The Social Rebel
The Genius
Social Revolution
The 60’s
Grateful Dead
George Sand
Edison - Tesla
Einstein - Physics
The Matrix Trilogy

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