Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Astrological Arsonist: Setting Fire to their lifestyle for Excitement & Control

Meet the astrological Arsonist. They seem to self-destruct and ask for help on a continuous basis by which they use, either openly or through means, passive-resistance refusal, child-like behavior, manipulation, or pure willfulness. An Arsonist is a master of creating Controlled Chaos, and most likely a psychopath. This is the first of three articles that I am postulating on this subject.
   An Arsonist in my astrological-psychological view is someone who deliberately creates circumstances or behaviors where someone must come and figuratively and emotionally put out a fire: an event or condition that has dead-end results and misjudged expectations without consideration. The Arsonist enjoys the thrill of power-control: he/she has reinforcement of ego and importance as a new obstacle-hurdle has been put in the way of a daily routine, a long-term plan, or just spontaneous action. I would imagine those of us who are now experiencing the role of caregiver for friends and elderly parents are noticing this identity. Also, consider the Arsonist in relationship patterns: a continued sense of "My life is not exciting enough--I must do something to see others jump at my command!" A romantic involvement is often a playground for an Arsonist.
      Arsonists are often bored--they seek excitement and adventure. I would therefore categorize the Fire signs (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) as the primary candidates, but that is too obvious. Instead, consider that the other 11 signs also have tendencies, each with its own quality.
     For example, it's obvious that an Aries would easily trigger patterns of disruption for sheer initiation and "something new," but Taurus can delay, refuse, resist, and be unwilling to yield to even the most reasonable offer or request. The delaying tactic is one that creates a whirlpool of potential resolution. Gemini, in a search for endless information, may surely continue to be involved in so many commercially-driven promotions and solicitations from media sources who are sales-driven and based on self-promotion and exploitation of the consumer. Financial management problems would likely follow: "I can't get enough ideas!" Crabs surely know how to make the best of worries and fears, especially over personal safety or that of family members, in order to maintain and keep close ties. Fear and smothering demands for love and nurturance to/from others can be like quicksand to those involved. Leo, again as Fire, can be bombastic and pompous to the point of distress: "How dare you defy me?" is a phrase I heard from my own mother, who had a Leo ascendant. The sense of royal obligation by underlings is not only expected, but held as a sense of status and entitlement.
     Virgos can micro-manage even themselves into a state of Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, let alone unhinge the person who has to manage or care for someone with organization-is-life needs. Libra can be caught in the net of Co-Dependency so tightly that they can not bear to be alone for 24 hours, and may use social media formats and electronics as a tool of continuous contact. Scorpio surely knows how to be in control: paranoia and suspicion of ANYTHING or ANYONE who dares threaten must be kept at arm's length and under careful observation.
    Sagittarius can potentially be an Arsonist in both speech and action. Words can cause huge battles, especially with family members, colleagues, and social outlets of beliefs and values. Also, don't put it past an Archer to be a hoarder: "more is better." Try and manage a house where "don't throw that out!" is a mandate, and Time is left sitting in cabinets and closets, later to be discarded when it should have been avoided in the first place.
      Capricorns don't usually find a spot as an Arsonist, but there are surely those who take advantage of others for personal advantage--and usually financial gain. Aquarius in search of Freedom can be an Arsonist in style: "I'll follow my own path and disregard any action or result that doesn't give it my way." Anyone in partnership with this type knows this likely means associating with a lack of constraints on social structures: living from day-to-day in group units (shelters, collective gatherings). Pisces offers a never-ending potential of Arsonist qualities, but it's emotional-sensitive in nature and not aggressive-dynamic. A Pisces soul caught in an Arsonist pattern can be caught in a maelstrom of confusion followed up with sensitively good intentions and terrible judgment.
     What to do about the Arsonist in your life? It's clearly a matter of Power & Control--and personal boundaries. The Arsonist has no qualms about encroachment on other peoples' lives--this is a very self-centered character flaw, and may likely be hiding a Narcissistic Personality. The key factor to remember is simple: "No." An Arsonist will rise into whatever level of insistence their sign carries with a likely demonstration of unhealthy tendencies, but it is essential for anyone involved in a relationship or caregiver role to recognize the need to put out the Arsonist's ability to ignite intention and spark an inappropriate or unwise response. 
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