Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Psychological Astrology in the 21st Century

(From the back cover):
The 21st Century is the Time for Psychology and Astrology

The doors astrology can open are based in a psychological frame:  that we possess a natural system of looking within and seeing ourselves in an organized structure of behaviors, responses, growth, and sequential outcomes.

We have available a 12-way mirror of the soul with multiple levels of potential views and choices to make to take us further on the pathway that we call Life.  We can become the artist who creates the living painting of our decisions and their results.  These are ideas to help the working, thinking, considerate practical healer of body, mind, and soul, whether or not the person is a professional physician, holistic healer, or just someone interested in understanding the vast range of experiences that come with a lifetime (especially those who are blessed as parents). 
It is also the 21st century. The collective awareness of our global brethren and the huge array of networking that the Internet has ignited is one way that we can integrate psychology with astrology because it is an internationally recognized concept in psychological fields. The response since the 1950s and the definitive statistical research by the Gauquelins from Switzerland is that astrology has a proven and significantly accurate rate of clarity in identifying psychological potential behaviors and actions.

Astrology is also being applied in the work field; it is a human resources tool. It’s just not openly admitted! It offers a direct no-nonsense approach to defining the parameters of behavior, and has little tolerance for the human trait of denial. It does not need a one-on-one encounter either; astrological analyses can be done without a direct meeting.

Key points are clearly visible, among them, work habits, ability to handle authority figures, day-to-day schedules, motivation, fears and avoidance/acceptance of responsibility, routines, entrepreneurship, and management potential.

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