Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Astrological Services: consultations, eBook, reports

For orders: please write me too at I would like birth date, time (a.m./p.m. if possible), and city-location of birth or solar return. Or order via Paypal and indicate information and selection(s).

Counseling-consulting session (phone/in-person/internet time): $60/hour. $30 thirty minutes.

Astrological Reports via email (PDF or Word format)

(1) 3-month key near-future (transit/progressed) trends: $11.
(2) Year Ahead Life Events: $20
(3) "Magi astrology Soul Mate Mix-and-Match (2 charts or "Cinderella/Prince Charming" times: $15)
(4) Full Natal Report: $20
(5) Relationship Synastry: $20
(6) Four major Asteroids & Chiron: $15
(7)Child*Star: $20
(8) Solar Return: $15 (Sun/moon/ascendant influences)
(9) Book via PDF or eBook format: $11.00

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