Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"East Meets West astrology journal" - Part 1

"East Meets West in Astrology--A View from China" Part 1. So I've been teaching freshman English Reading & Writing at a major finance-economics university in Nanchang since March--and astrology has been a major source of discussion for me. I have found it to be interesting as a verbal can-opener tool in order to try and get my students to talk. (They are VERY reluctant to practice their speaking skills: "We are afraid to make a mistake.")

So how is astrology viewed here? They are somewhat interested in Western concepts, but I noted immediately that they are fixed on the lunar birthday cycle. I have had multiple errors in attempts to interpret charts because they kept changing the date. I had to learn to say "SOLAR birthday please" several times and then reiterate the point.
I also know Eastern astrology concepts--but trying to explain in English that "I am a Sheep/Goat like your lunar year now" has not been quite the success I hoped for.

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