Testimonials and thanks

You have answered questions for me in the past and I really was amazed at how accurate you were. You seem to know my life path and personality and so on extremely well. So I'm back! : ) Thank you in advance! Tiffany 

I just want to say thank you so much for everything ! I really appreciate you taking out the time to give me such thorough readings and answering so many of my questions. I will definitely be keeping in touch 😊 G. Grewal, Canada; 5.6.2017

Thank you for the last reading. You've been on point every time! I love coming to you when I most need to. Thank you, you are wonderful and I love your website! (female, Long Beach, CA)

The chart you have made...just blew both of us away. I want to thank you again for it. So many aspects we have become aware in the last 6 months are written down in the chart! It's amazing, how much it reflects the reality. - Kurt H., Austria

Thank you very much! You are always right on ! I love you!! - Karina H., Annapolis, Maryland

"I'm so thankful and appreciative that you are in my life. Your insight helps me trust my instincts more and believe soon we will be okay." - Stacy V., New Jersey

Thank you for teaching me how to start validating myself and stop seeking outside validation. - Daphne B., Phoenix, AZ

"I can't thank you enough, Mitch. I really appreciate your help with getting some fine-tuning action in my life! You're truly a God-send :) "- Erin W., Missouri

"Hi, Mitch! You gave me some great advice on my birthday, which you said was the same as your kid sister's. So I'm back! So I have prospective AMAZING plans this weekend that may or may not happen. It's out of my hands, but I'm coming unglued wishing and hoping and planning. What do the stars say?" (female, Houston, TX)

"Hello Mitch! Your previous forecast was spot on; I entered into a new relationship (1 month)and even though everything started great, after some arguments &struggling with many issues with her, I've seen myself repeating old negative habits like depression and negativity, I appreciate your advice!" - (a guy from Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico)

"Wow. The absolute most helpful advice I've gotten. You were on the money about this 'Aries' phase she seems to be going through...your feedback is much appreciated, Mitch. Thank you for going out of your way in answering my questions."

"Hi Mitch! You have done all of my readings and I want to thank you for the time you take to give the most detailed, most personal, and unique info/advise and I have never had such helpful readings . My question is when will I have the "Cinderella Gateway" open in my chart?" - Mimi, San Rafael, CA

"Mitch you are very talented spot on!' - Amanda, North Dakota

Mitch, your reading was most insightful and accurate" - Riku R., Finland

"Thank you for the first two questions you answered. You helped me obtain clarity in what is happening to me at this time in my life. I did meet two people almost back to back that helped me realize I want more out of my life. Now... any advice on how it's going to pan out?"

"Hello Mitch,
     Thank you so much for my daughter's report. I have read it all and it is very interesting. She is definitely a VERY sensitive little girl, quite shy, but once engaged with people she lights up and has a ball. She is definitely a talker and loves words and learning.
       The report has helped my husband and me understand Zara and how best to treat her. It appears the attachment parenting approach is definitely the best way to go with her, lots of love and reassurance. It also will help us care for her when she is upset. We also read the information on Crystalline Children which was fascinating, I'm interested in learning more about them.Thanks again Mitch, we really appreciate your insight." - Claire H., Dunedin, New Zealand

"This question is for Mitch, Wow the information to the question that I requested and the romance reading was pretty dead on."
"I truly appreciate ur honesty with your advice. Everything u have said about me is true"- Kim, London, UK

"Holy wow! This was sooooooooo on point. Thank you!" Kristin K., California

"When you did my birth chart it said I would be a women's rights activist and here I am now actually doing it. Thank you for doing the birth chart, I really enjoy it!" - Anne Avonlea S., Alabama

 Hey Mitch! When we last spoke I was contemplating ending a very long, difficult relationship. I ended it May 1...and you were right someone else who is great did come into my life but we've been taking it slow. I found out my ex has moved on... (Maryann, Warwick, RI)


Anonymous said...

I wanted to take this opportunity to say that Mitch knows his stuff and it was the best thing that I got to discuss over things with him. I recommend people to check him out!

Susan White said...

I found Mitch quite by accident really, if there is such a thing. Synchronicity? Anyway, he has sent to me, information my soul has needed for a very long time. He amazes me with his gifts of insight and desire to share his wisdom in order for us to grow. I am so thankful he was sent to me....looking forward to more lessons