Course Outline: Psychological Astrology

Psychological Astrology:
a Life blueprint of the psyche

**My guidelines for how/what/who and how I teach ideas for learning psychological astrology from my site & book

Using the chart as a psychological blueprint
or road map of Life Activities

 Guidance and insights laid out;
  Language and symbols of behavior;
  personal and social identity, role models, and personality; archetypes of humanity;
  shorthand of glyphs/symbols as keys/short phrases

Traditional and holistic
Identifying needs by  traditional schools:

Erickson, Piaget, Jung, Maslow, Freud
Using intuition and gut feelings & analysis; 
Inter/Intrapersonal skills & counseling as foundation;
Open interpretation and synthesis of intuitive values;
Professional affiliation – training, degree programs 
(Ph.D., M.A.) 

          Dynamics for relationship counseling,
personal growth & development

Husband-Wife (Sun & Moon) / (Father-Mother)
Temperament & the Moon Sign in children
Four Direction Markers (N/S/E/W)  of key Life Expression
The Family areas - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th wedges / “houses” (rooms)
synastry/composite of couples

          Multiple Modality Use:
Personal, Holistic, and Occupational

Massage therapy
Body movement
Social work cases
Family counselor
Parenting classes               
Life crisis management
Vocational guidance          
Academic guidance
Animal husbandry             
Gardening for healing

Archetypes – Role Models of Society
      Images of human behavior;
      Collective Identity with honored/respected social roles;
      Greek/Roman gods and goddesses as icons of humanity;
      film, sports, music, politics, crime, spiritual heroes, myths, legends,  cartoons, industry

Practitioners & Followers

      J.P. Morgan
      Ronald Reagan
      Dick Jeanrette (brokerage firm founder)
      Gustav Holst
      Carl Jung

Astro-psychological tools

      Zodiac:  Archetypes of Greek & Roman myth & characters/creatures;role models of humanity:
1. Aries: I am Who I Am and Do
2. Taurus: I Am What I Have
3. Gemini: I Am What I Think About
4. Cancer: I Am What I Feel
5. Leo: I Am Why I Want My Way
6. Virgo: I Am What I Organize for Society
7. Libra: I Am Who I Compliment
8. Scorpio: I Am What and Who I Desire
9. Sagittarius: I Am What Wisdom I Know
10. Capricorn: I Am What I Achieve
11. Aquarius: I Am Unique and Liberate Self/Others

12. Pisces: I Am What I Intuitively Hear from Spirit

Planets:  Symbols of psychological drive and energy

Emotional/Security Needs
Mental Activities
Love/Pleasure Principle
-Healing Personal Trauma;
Creative Visualization & Personal Causes;
Life Partner Qualities; 
Sacrifice for a Purpose;
Experiencing denial of goals

Houses:  Areas of Life Activity-Experience and their realm of Awareness

1. Personality & Appearance
2. Self-Values; Income/$$ issues
3. Communicating/learning & siblings
4. Home Setting; one parent
5. Creativity/Romance, Children
6. Daily Activity/Service to Society/Health issues
7. Partnerships (Personal and Business)
8. Others’ values, Life & Death; "sharing oneself intimately"
9. Social & Cultural Knowledge, Long Distance Travedl
10. Career & Status; Other parent
11. Friends, Group Associations & Wishful Hopes, social networks
12. Self-Undoing; Retreat from the World

Aspects: dynamics of cooperation and frustration

Elements: The fuel source of expression

Fire, Earth, Air, Water 

Modalities: Flexibility and rigidity
in facing Life Challenges 

Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable

Polarities: Assertive-Passive
& Aggressive-Responsive patterns
& Positive-Negative

Natal Chart – The Blueprint of Identity
      The “core identity” of the Soul and the pattern of lessons and awareness in a lifetime* of experience
(*Past-lives are shown in the chart.)

      Our Lifetime-Self and Lessons
      Flexible (relocation) road map

Progressions, Transits, Solar Return chart; Draconic chart
- Progressions: Soul evolution and growth phases;
“the butterfly emerging from the cocoon.”

- Solar Return: the “year’s birthday gift" of lessons and activities

- Draconic chart: Life Purpose to achieve and master