General disclaimer statement: what I do

First, I do believe in a Supreme Creator-Being. My definition and understanding may differ from yours. But I accept your beliefs and values as being important for you as much as mine are cornerstones of who I am and what my intentions are in fulfilling my own Life Lessons. 

I'm an international psychological counselor who works with mythology and astrology--and how they all tie together:

·        personality & appearance
·         self-values, how you handle money 
or attract it, and how you feel about it; 
self-indulgences you want and need
·        communications qualities, 
how you deal with siblings
·        home environment: family, mother-figures
·        romantic nature, creative side, children, 
love affairs
·        health, daily work routines
·        relationships, both personal and business
·        sexual nature and expression of sharing; 
life-and-death issues
·        religious/spiritual values and 
higher knowledge/wisdom/philosophies of other countries
·        career & dealing with parents/authority figures and your father (more often than others)
·        friends and social networking views
·        self-undoing and limitations; need for 
"being alone and privacy"

1.   Self-Identity & physical qualities;
2.   Emotional nature and Needs for Security & Safety; 
dealing with women (especially if you're a man); 
habits and reflexive responses to surprises
3.   your mind at work and play
4.   your Love Life: Pleasure & Enjoyment;
5.   sexual energy: passion, anger, and energy!
6.   Enthusiasm for an Idea
7.   Hard Life Lessons that Must Be Faced.
8.   Your rebelliousness and eccentricities;
9.   Escape from Life and letting go by any means your ability to handle Life Crises that are powerful change agents that can not be stopped.
10. Self-Sacrifice for a Cause or Purpose in Life
11. The need to be an Advocate or Champion for Someone or Something
12. Personal Healing for your "Inner Child" and your own healing abilities for others
13. Nurturing and Care-giving qualities for others
14. What you want for/from a Significant Soul Mate
15. Frustrations of "I want that but can't get it!" 
(and you're supposed to learn to be grateful 
for what you have instead of it)