Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pluto transits (movement in the chart)

The scientists and astronomers may have banned Pluto from the ranks of planets in our solar system, but astrology has not, and for good reason:  nothing can stop the impact and power of a Pluto transit in our chart.  It is a relentless bulldozer effect that clears away and changes everything in its path over a number of years, moving slowly but effectively in its purpose and plans. 

In my life, when Pluto crossed my 4th house of the home environment, I found myself moving from one coast to the other, then back and forth once more, and in between all this, also to to Alabama for two years, and finally, to the state of Washington.  Being that it will remain in this position for some time, I keep myself flexibly regarding travel plans.  Robert Hand discusses the meaning of Pluto's impact in his Planets in Transit:

Significance of transiting Pluto

The nature of Pluto is similar to that of the Hindu god Shiva, the creator and destroyer.  Pluto usually begins by breaking down a structure; then it creates a new one in its place.  This entire cycle of death, destruction, and renovation is accompanied by tremendous powers, for Pluto is not a mid or even very subtle planetary influence.  You can always see its effects very clearly—ranging from machines breaking down and needing repair to full-scale destruction or death.  Decay at one level or another, followed by new life from the old is the typical Plutonian process.

Characteristically, Plutonian people are those who seek to change, transform, and take control of everything around them.  Often a Pluto transit will signify the arrival of a person who transforms your life, either for good or evil.  Or it can symbolize an event or circumstance that has the same effect.

Pluto also rules those energies inside you that lead inevitably to change.  It rules the death and regeneration of the self, as old features of your life pass away and are replaced by new ones that could not otherwise have come into being.  Pluto does not signify death in the literal sense; instead, it refers to a metaphorical death, something that ceases to be.

The energies of the planet that Pluto is transiting become a source of change and transformation in your life.  You may get involved in serious power struggles with others about changes in the areas of your life associated with that planet.

As Pluto transits your houses, it signifies the areas of your life that are due for radical transformation.  In the area ruled by the transited house, structures in your life have built up to the point that it is no longer possible to patch up whatever is wrong.  It is time for a full-scale reconstruction, preceded if necessary by destruction of the old change-resistance patterns.

It is extremely important that you recognize the inevitability of Plutonian change, which is built into the very structure of things and cannot be prevented.  And you should not try to prevent it, because it is a necessary stage in your evolution.  All that you will do is force the energies to build up until they are explosive.  Then the inevitable changes come about disastrously.

Not only should you go along with the Plutonian energy of destruction by letting go of whatever must depart, you should also assist the rebuilding process that follows, for this is the equally inevitable consequence of the Plutonian breakdown.

For reasons that are not entirely understood, Pluto also has to do with secretive and subversive elements of society—revolutionary groups, organized crime, and the like.  A Pluto transit may bring such elements into your life, although it is often quite dangerous to allow this during a Pluto transit.

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