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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Chiron & the "Gifted Child" dynamic for personal/professional healers

The Drama of the Gifted Child

Each of us carries within our psyche a form of wounded identity; some of us choose to become counselors or therapists who work with the wounds of others who need help in fixing the pain, memories, and association that come with the traumas of childhood and a dysfunctional family. In this book, Alice Miller explores the identity of The Gifted Child.

My point is simple but direct: for those of us who are psychological counselors and Intuitive Advisors, this is our Chiron's release point and fulfillment! "Gifted Children" are often the focal point of a dysfunctional family;  the book The Family Crucible explores this too.  Gifted children are also often the products of emotional abuse by a narcissistic parent.  (My mother has been classified as 'narcissistic'; however, it is my belief that my entire family and I have this issue; I see it as a global human experience. Narcissistic disorder is really about Ego and recognition.)  However, if the child's great need for admiration is not met for his/her looks, intelligence, or achievements, he/she falls into severe depression.

Miller has created a work that reaches into the soul and guides the reader through innermost (sometimes forgotten) memories and details of early life. By showing very clearly how gifted children are often relegated to that back burner of the family because of their own innate self-sufficiency, she paints a vivid picture of unconscious, conditioned manipulation and a common lack of emotional maturity in the part of the parents. The child is essentially denied a self of its own, as the needs of the parent are always paramount.

Miller says one can only be free from depression "when self-esteem is based on the authenticity of one's own  feelings and not on the possession of certain qualities."  In this case, a child who is exceptional in some way (and most likely an Intuitive Soul who is unaware of this ability) is the catch-all for the family's myths and issues.  This child becomes the "damaged goods" who never fulfills the expectations of his/her parents because they are "incapable" and therefore appear as non-productive, non-achieving, or introverted in order to protect themselves against the domineering egos of their parents and other family members.

In my case, my role in the family as "the genius who was unable to handle school" left me with an overall sense of personal worthlessness and confusion about my own reactions to the events of my adult life. Not having been allowed true feelings of my own through my childhood, I found myself lost in a sea of immature emotions once separated from the needs of both of my parents and their continual controlling mechanisms and denial of my identity as an adult.  This was also transferred by my siblings to me:  they continue to deny my values and beliefs because they are in conflict with their own and thereby consider mine to be "worthless." 

Denial is another phase of this:  when confronted with these damaging statements, effort is made by them to brush aside my demonstration of being injured by their words or representations.

Miller has identified one of the basic problems of her approach: she views the mother as the most probable source of this type of emotional manipulation, as the mother is traditionally the primary caregiver in very early childhood. But if read with a deliberate awareness that both parents (present or not) are involved in the panorama of childhood experience, a more balanced reading will yield surprisingly sharp images and a keener understanding of one's formative years.

WARNING: This book is powerful and extremely insightful, but not the informational or educational manual you might expect from the title--it is very personal, and is likely to evoke unexpectedly strong emotions.  The content of this book is extremely powerful and can be a painful experience, especially for a reader who finds him/herself relating to the content but not ready to face their own reality. 

Although it is certainly a classic, it is not a book to be offered capriciously to friends and acquaintances--a casual recommendation may be detrimental to your relationship with the unsuspecting victim.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Pluto exits Capricorn into Aquarius: the Transformation of Society beyond 2020

We are experiencing a global pandemic. This is our New Reality. And there's a lot of people asking about careers, money, and other plans. I note this may not the kind of business planning you want in life--but you have to deal with it. Or maybe you are looking forward to change--and need some reassurance. 

Therefore, some awareness regarding Pluto (Change, Transformation, and Metamorphic Principles) in Capricorn (Business concepts and large social structures): things are in an eminent state of collapse, turnover, and rebuilding. That goes for national, political, economic, religious, and geo-physical boundaries. Remember: nations and their respective governments have a general lifespan of 225 years+/- before something happens and it goes under. Sometimes a leader arises from within--or there's a confrontation from another source. 

Capricorn is a sign dealing with political and economic power structures, profession, status, ambition, and leadership. During the {prior} years in which Pluto was in Capricorn, new concepts of government were born. Their most notable manifestation was in the American Declaration of Independence. The birth of democratic forms of government at this time began the displacement of aristocratic power structures. (The follow-through ripple effect was the fall of the European monarchies and the rise of the working man and the Industrial Revolution. The rise of factories and large industries--Capricorn--and businesses took hold. Now it is time for it to be torn down and rebuilt. This also includes geo-physical Earth changes to nations in power. Expect this as earthquakes that devastate large economic and financially vital areas and also disrupt food cultivation and distribution.)

Now that Pluto is ending in Capricorn (and stays in it on/off/on until 2023-25), a world government {based on what we ARE TOLD are the best interests of all mankind} will begin. This government will be founded on new social, legal, educational, and religious concepts, which will be developed during Pluto's stay in Sagittarius. 

However--a caveat: this will be a continuation of the deception of the System; the Matrix as an entity of private government-business. The "new government" will still be part of the passing away of the old System. There WILL be the birth of a new movement as Pluto moves into Aquarius that fosters and nurtures world harmony and unity: "Cooperation, not Competition" {my words}. This will be part of an effort to work together regardless of the boundaries that have divided us by color, the concept of race, nationality, or creed--or personal relationship choices or gender identity. But it will still be competing with the "old ways" until enough time has passed--and much of the population changes their thinking about "me and not 'us'". 

The generation born with Pluto in Capricorn will manifest dynamic, practical will in organization, business, and government. This will be based on the concept that all human beings must be given a chance to develop their own potential according to their ability and self-discipline. {This is why the difference matters now more than ever: we are in the emerging existence of the 5th dimension and "Creativity and Thought-Manifestation" exploration. We will literally build with our minds when focused together: we can manifest realities in group concentration.}

{But the movement for humanitarian efforts is the leading focal point because it is also the start of the global government as seen in the Star Trek series: the United Federation of Planets. Part of the birth of an independent world government after 2025 and most likely well into 2040-50 and beyond that embraces harmony, unity, and an acceptance of "All Men and Women Brothers and Sisters"--will involve awareness of visitors from the Pleiades and other star systems. This will also involve the return of what has been called "Planet X"or "Nibiru", its inhabitants--the ancient ones known as the Annunaki--and the hidden history of Earth. It will begin when Pluto has its time in Aquarius, the Sign of Higher Cosmic Knowledge, starting in 2025. Stick around for that--you might meet some new family in the next decades ahead.}

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Astrological principles, purpose, and potential

A few words about astrological principles and their purpose and potential from C.A., an associate in the field of counseling.

The birth chart, the natal chart is the blueprint of the agreement that the soul makes for its purpose of incarnation. Thus, when one understands astrology, one always has at their fingertips the means by which to understand the purpose and reason of one's character and one's being, as to why one may react and act in certain ways, why one may feel that certain events and circumstances are preordained. It is not that astrology is an ironclad contract, it is more simply a flexible blueprint that can help to understand oneself as they journey through life. The contract that is made in spirit is indeed a flexible contract, and spirit never holds that one must fulfill that which was contracted, and it is for this reason that free will applies.

One can go against what may have been part of the contract. One can for example decide not to go to an event one felt one should go to. By not going they might not meet an individual who was meant to play a prominent role in their life. If this individual was truly meant to play a significant role, they may meet up again later, or they may not. All of these events are due to the free will of the individual and their choices. If one has a blueprint and one is able to overview the blueprint to understand the energies that are available due to the various alignments of the stars, and of the energies available, one has a more enlightened way of living one's life. Again, one cannot say that their astrological chart will force them to act a certain way, for there is always the free will, but one always has the blueprint to consult. It is in this way that the astrological information that is captured at the moment of birth can prove to be of great significance during the individual's lifetime.

The Evolution of the Nature of the Stars - The new energies entering the planet will affect the signs, the portent of the stars and the planets that astrology is based on. But at the same time it is seen as an evolutionary type process. The Chaldeans many eons ago who developed what is now modern astrology would not be seen to be entirely relevant now, because the nature of the stars and the properties assigned to the stars and the planets were much different in those times. Yet astrology has been a constant factor since these earliest of times and it has always evolved and taken on relevancy for the times it is used and in the times it is found.

Thus, astrology in the 1930s was of a nature of a planet set to engage in international world conflict. Much of the energy of those times that was seen in the astrological information obtained from the stars and the planets that was available would be interpreted in the consciousness of the masses of that time, and would influence those astrologers and how they would see things. Later there was a shift in the '60s and '70s; there were those who saw the signs in terms of love. Linda Goodman was one who brought a different influence into the energies of astrology at that time. Again, this was part of the evolutionary adaptive program of astrology to the mass consciousness, and how many could tie it in so more could understand. With the new energies it is seen that there will be a radical leap forward as astrology again evolves to suit the needs, and those who have awareness will be able to bring astrology to a new level, higher than ever before, and those who have raised their consciousness will receive much more benefit from the new ways of interpreting the signs and the stars.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Chart Interpretation choices & Options

The art of chart interpretation is one that offers a range of opportunities. In itself, I've found it to be filled with choices--and there is ALWAYS "another idea" that someone uses, knows in expertise, or waits to be fulfilled by the astrological consultant or individual. Here, I'll outline and describe three of what I would describe as the most well-known variations. As a reference, they all have a special purpose and place--but it's up to you in deciding which is appropriate and in which circumstance you'd choose each one. 

First, the most familiar one that many people favor: aspects. I've mentioned them in other posts, but to be general here, aspects to me refer to the dynamics of cooperation or resistance between planets that represent actions, behaviors, choices, or responses in the psyche. Some planets (as representatives of human responses) work well with each other and some do not. There are grids that can be produced by certain chart forms which show these energies. Other people prefer to keep a mental scorecard of who's willing to be a team member or not. Aspects can be major or minor--and some people use both. Aspects also use a range of connection-contact with each other: "orbs," which vary depending on the aspect name and dynamic.

On a separate note, I've also mentioned in other posts that certain societies of astrological study prefer to use aspects under their own range of orbs. The Magi Society is one of those with whom I have found accuracy; however, it can be very complex and requires an in-depth understanding of their methods and software. They adhere to the concept that the use of house systems (the means of establishing the boundary markers for signs on the wheel/format for a chart) is not relevant because the exact time of birth is often not known in accurate measurement. (I understand this and have said, "What IS the exact time? When the first breath is taken at birth? When the umbilical cord is cut?")

To this end-and-means, the Magi Society says that aspects are the key to understanding and interpreting human behavior and dynamics because they can be consistently and accurately measured by use of an ephemeris or chart. I agree with this also because I find the ephemeris to be a valuable tool which is reliable and resourceful WHEN A CHART IS NOT AVAILABLE; for example, if a computer software package is not on hand. (I worry about the demands and availability of electricity: what would we do if there was no power for our electronics? Therefore, an ephemeris is a must-have resource for anyone regardless of experience or level of knowledge.)

Second: there are counselors, consultants, and other advisors who also consider that linking dynamics between planets in elements are significant: that connections of aspects can be interpreted by unions (conjunctions, trines) or resistance (squares, oppositions) according to match-ups of fire, earth, air, or water elemental patterns. An example: Venus in Scorpio and Saturn in Pisces, both in water element, for an individual who will find that longevity and patience will bring potential fulfillment in social relationships and love. Or in synastry: Venus in Scorpio squaring a partner's Pluto in Leo would indicate possibilities for challenges of power that would normally NOT be harmonious, but in this case, because of the special energies of a square creating a means for "resolution in the bedroom" that are satisfying to both parties.

The third means of interpretation is one that I often use or hear referred to as a "sunrise chart." This is the solar chart--when no accurate time of birth is known. It is commonly done with 6:00 a.m. as the time of birth, and all signs on house cusps reflect the according degree of the Sun sign. As such, the Sun would go in the 1st house of Self-Appearance, Personality, and Early Childhood environment, and all other planets would follow by degree in their sign and respective house cusp alignment.

I have thought about this in my use of chart software, and I want to extend it further. I normally favor the 6:00 a.m. time frame, but I now consider that there could be potential for me to use the other times that counselors, fellow astrological consultants, and others use: noon (12:00 p.m.), sunset (6:00 p.m.), and midnight (12:00 a.m.). 

As such, these are the reasons I now consider to be useful and appropriate for means of interpreting the psyche as displayed in the chart outlay: for sunrise, in dealing with the signs known for being "personal and self-focused": Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo. On the flip side of the chart, the "sunset option" puts the Sun at 6:00 p.m. in the 7th house. This could be especially resourceful for Libra, especially, and its orientation to the Significant Other and relationships, and also for a Scorpio's sense of dealing with intimacy, privacy, and shared values. At the same time, this could work just as well for the other 10 signs, but especially so for validating potentials in those specified dynamics of the psyche.

I would see the 12:00 noon option being especially useful in determining potentials for career patterns or expressions of choice for establishing one's sense of status, and the Sun would be in the 10th house of Capricorn's domain, and again, all other planets would be placed accordingly to the house cusp degree of the Sun. I am sure all signs would favor this, but especially for Aries, Gemini,  Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. I would also see 12:00 midnight being used especially so for Cancer-Crab souls who want to see or know how they work in the safety and establishment of a home domain and within patterns of family establishment and security. This could also work well for Taurus's sense of home acquisition and style, as well as Leo, Virgo (and their ability to keep order and "a place for everything" in their residence), but also for Libra, Scorpio ("Can I share my home with someone and in what way?"), and Pisces, in determining what kind of home near a body of water would be appropriate. 

In conclusion: I repeat that the art of chart interpretation is a multi-faceted skill that is never totally resolved or completed in the legacy and effort of anyone who enjoys studying and learning astrological techniques. I offer these ideas above as a means to consider: if it works and makes your skill set more open and beneficial, I have given this product for your benefit and opportunity.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Out-of-Bounds Planets: a display of potential disruptive energy

A topic recently introduced to me by another astrological counselor-advisor was the idea of an out-of-bounds planet. I've since found a great article  by the late Pamela Welch (shared here). For the sake of any readers on this site, I'll try and simplify what this idea means.

An OOB planet occurs when it falls on the declination markers that go beyond the range of the  23°26’ tilt of the Earth's axis (North and South) of the equator. This can be found depending on the software program you're using, or in an ephemeris.

The significance of an OOB planet is that it acts like a maverick energy: it knows no limits, can be very disruptive, and cause a great deal of unsettled energy for the dynamic it represents. It could be said that an OOB planet has a very Uranus-like quality to it: nothing as expected, and it breaks rules, boundaries, and expectations of the behaviors that would be considered traditional. 

An OOB moon position often indicates a pattern of disruptive behavior from the individual's mother, and there can be follow-up responses whereby the person responds in society in ways that are filled with over-emphasis on security, emotional mood swings, and personal needs. It's the most common OOB planet. An OOB Mars could possibly be over-reactive for aggressive behaviors--or in the case of Tiger Woods, sexual appetite and masculine energy. In Welch's article, she notes that Henry Kissinger has this position--and clarifies it with the fact that he participated in covert decisions in Vietnam and also in Chile, when a dictator replaced a democratically-elected leader. Daredevil Evel Knievel had an OOB Venus, and his flamboyant lifestyle as a performer was a potential example of this planet's needs for going over the edge in action and social display. It may come as no surprise to anyone who follows radio talk show host Howard Stern that he has an OOB Mercury.

It should be noted that the majority of charts done for clients and individuals will not show OOB planets. It's not as common a possibility as more traditional aspects and dynamics. However, it does bear consideration and a potential "aha!" answer to certain possibilities which may give further clues to the psyche.

Welch does recognize that the major asteroids can be OOB, but I would go carefully with this analysis unless the person interpreting the chart is comfortable with their purpose.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Life and Legend (and chart) of Freddie Mercury

Everyone's talking lately about Freddie Mercury. Understandably so: the movie is a marvelous capture of the personalities in the band. And he was the main focal point. This is my intuitive/analytical take on the late, great singer and his personality.

I noticed Freddie’s chart is a bowl: it’s a self-contained pattern that indicates the person has a need for independence, isolation/involvement with others, and a singular focus. Within the bowl, there’s a lead planet, and this is Uranus in Gemini, in the 10th house of Career/Status. Certainly, Freddie was known for those qualities, both in his need for being away from the view of society, but also along with his dramatic need for being noticed. In Gemini, I think this was his lightning-quick mind and need for communications in socially rebellious ways and in contrast to moral standards. In the 10th house of Capricorn’s domain, Uranus found a platform for public broadcast (singing and a musical career) with all the flair, attention to ego, and bombast that Freddie could handle (or not—the 12th house Sun). However, with Pluto in Leo in the 12th, Freddie not only found the inner need for leadership and admiration in this life, but it also was part of a previous incarnation. In trine with Lilith and his South Node, he was really showing that he could do it again and with gusto.

Since it’s acting as a secondary chart ruler/leader, Uranus is trine to key planets: a 1st house Mars in Libra that also allowed Freddie’s bisexuality to find expression along with his stage and public persona. Uranus and a 2nd house Jupiter in Libra trine supported Freddie’s over-the-top lifestyle, and here, I would say Jupiter also gave momentum in a big way to his indulgences, especially sexually, as the 2nd house is expression of self-values. In Libra, Freddie found support for “everyone is fair game in love and pleasure.” Chiron also in trine to Uranus gave way to hypnotic charisma, and in Libra, there’s a need for relationship repair. Again, I see this in Freddie’s coming forward as a man who favored both genders until he settled into a gay lifestyle, which Uranus endorsed as bohemian. His Uranus and moon are also in the polarity of father-mother (10th/4th), and I see the opposition as a means of social rebelliousness and unconventionality in his actions and lifestyle, and also perhaps that his father and mother had different goals and expectations of him as the oldest son. Finally, the 7th house Vertex in Pisces square Uranus tells me that relationships were a social standard that Freddie was drawn to as a generational issue, and that a vague, elusive-escapist type of partner was what he wanted. Certainly, in his early years, he was vague about his ability to share his intimate feelings with his girlfriend. On a final note about aspects: I know Venus in Libra 28 can be possibly seen in trine with Uranus, and this certainly enhances Freddie’s flamboyant visual energy and his erotic appetite. Especially as Venus is in a sign of social duality in the house of personal appetite, so I do accept the aspect in a wide orb than I normally use. I would also say his Vesta in the 7th made him sacrifice something for a partnership; certainly his love life and his potential marriage to Mary Austin.

Freddie was a double Virgo: Sun and ascendant, and I would note this in his feelings of superiority as a dominant force of talent. Virgoans or those with strong qualities sometimes think themselves as superior because they are so determined not to show their flaws to the world-at-large. I am sure Freddie’s uncomfortableness with his legendary overbite was part of this Virgoan sense of “I MUST be perfect before the World.” (Strangely enough, he credited his teeth with as part of the gift of his singing capacity.)

The Virgo drive for achievement is almost as strong as a Capricorn’s thirst for legacy. As a 12th house Sun, I see Freddie hiding his true identity away from the world because there was so much social shame attached to a gay person. Freddie also drove his band to perfection—nicely documented in the film with drummer Roger Taylor’s vocal donations to “Bohemian Rhapsody” being laid down on tape. Freddie’s North Node in Gemini is square to both his Sun and ascendant, and it was a personal, inner frustration for his career endeavors to blend with his Life Path expression. Note that his dramatic stage and personal life were sources of gossip and frustrated communication. Poor Freddie just could not come forward and say he was a man who wanted variety in his intimate relationships and identifying with his sexuality. His parents, as seen in the movie, were very hard-working people with high expectations for him, and the Virgo ascendant gives backup for this. Certainly, too, Freddie worked hard as a singer and musician, and his Virgoan ascendant and Piscean domain Sun brought forward his musical gifts. As a 2nd Virgo Sun decan, he had a Capricorn-like edge to his identity that drove him for success as a bandleader and performer.

With Neptune in Libra in the 1st, we again see the nebulous identity issues that Freddie faced, especially trying to reconcile his sexuality and relationship needs. Also, the drug and alcohol indulgences are part of this placement. In square to his 4th house Moon in expansive Sagittarius, those problems were seen in his elaborate parties, and the largess of the homes where he lived.

Going on to the 2nd house, we notice the significant Libra stellium. Again, in the House of Self-Values, this would otherwise tell me that he walked the tightrope in relationships, and certainly, his choice of partners was part of his legend. Venus in the 2nd also opened his hedonistic ways, and conjunct Juno, the marriage consort and expression of sexual needs in a relationship/commitment, Freddie wanted a passionate bed mate, be it man or woman. (I’m again considering that he had a girlfriend, Mary Austin, earlier in his career.) Both Venus and Juno squared Saturn: Freddie Mercury suffered from alienation of those whom he wanted to love (having to hide his gay love interests and battling the inquiries of the press), and not fully giving his love to Mary.

Moving on to the 3rd house, we find Lilith, the Black Moon, in Sagittarius. Here, there is a thwarted expression of thoughts and ideas, although the individual has a powerful wish for being an oracle of truth. Lilith squares Freddie’s Sun and ascendant, and again, I take this to indicate the frustration he felt at not being able to live his love interest openly as a gay man, and also battling the media. Directly noted in Wikepedia: “In December 1974, when asked directly, "So how about being bent?" by the New Musical Express, Mercury replied, "You're a crafty cow. Let's put it this way: there were times when I was young and green. It's a thing schoolboys go through. I've had my share of schoolboy pranks. I'm not going to elaborate further." Mercury once said of himself: "When I'm performing I'm an extrovert, yet inside I'm a completely different man." I also see this by way of his South Node in Sagittarius in his 3rd: his way of communicating was something he had done in past lives as “a Bringer of Great Wisdom,” and in this present case, it was the lyrics of his songs. I haven’t looked through them for messages, but certainly “Bohemian Rhapsody” is loaded with opportunities.

Moving on to his 4th house of Family and Home Life-Environment, I would say that Freddie’s family origins are indicated by the Moon in Sagittarius: the Bulsara family moved from India to Zanzibar, Tanzania, which is certainly a long distance and from one continent to another. Freddie’s family practiced Zoroastrianism, which is one of the world's oldest religions that remains active. It is a monotheistic faith (i.e. a single creator God), centered in a dualistic cosmology of good and evil and an eschatology predicting the ultimate destruction of evil. Ascribed to the teachings of the Iranian-speaking prophet Zoroaster (also known as Zarathustra), it exalts a deity of wisdom, Ahura Mazda (Wise Lord), as its Supreme Being. Major features of Zoroastrianism, such as messianism, judgment after death, heaven and hell, and free will have influenced other religious systems, including Second Temple Judaism, Gnosticism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. This certainly resonates with the higher social and cultural connections with Sagittarius. I would also see Freddie’s large Georgian home as a second way of fulfilling the sign, and also the large lavish parties with which he entertained. 
Also, I’m noting that his life-long love interest and friend, Mary Austin, was given a home adjacent to his, so I’m qualifying this as his “larger-than-life” generosity for a female (the Moon) by gesture. I would also see fulfillment of Freddie’s 29-degree Part of Fortune in Sagittarius by the exterior Japanese walled garden and trees. As well, having a large home may well have been a way of giving him that measure of happiness and security. Adding to this: Pallas in Sagittarius as a means of advocating the benefits of both the Japanese culture and the respect for nature.

And last, in Freddie’s 5th house, the asteroid Ceres, which I find as an externalization of both the Moon’s need for nurturance and relating to the Inner Child as well. It’s 29 degrees Capricorn and squaring his Venus and Jupiter in his 2nd house. To me, this shows Freddie’s way of releasing his creative nature in a way that let his music and showmanship find outlets which satisfied his generosity (Jupiter) and his social enjoyments and pleasures (Venus), even if it created some friction (the squaring aspect) with relationships—which it certainly did in his love life with Mary Austin and indulging in promiscuity which eventually gave him AIDS.

Finally, in considering Freddie’s elemental balance and polarities, I find it VERY interesting that he was dominantly male-sign influenced: eight planets worth. I would see this as his way of expressing his masculinity in an uber-way through his bisexuality and ultimate gay lifestyle. He clearly over-dramatized this, but he loved using it to his advantage for his success as an artist and performer. Freddie had three fire signs, two earth, five air—and no water. Certainly, he was exciting and enthusiastic-exuberant enough to let the fire blaze, he was socially engaged and intellectual enough as a musician and artist and boldly engaged with the public to fulfill the air, but not very grounded, as seen by the lack of earth. What I question—and this is a variable of the singleton quality of any sign or planet lacking in something with only one (or even less) expression: is the fact that he was not “emotional” with no water. Certainly it can be argued that he was very in touch with his sensitivity as a man of variable sexuality and a blazing stage presence. I think this is the other side of the singleton issue: often the individual over-expresses him/herself for the lack of an element or sign. 

Freddie’s modality balance shows four Cardinal and Mutable, but only two Fixed. I would say his lifestyle and larger-than-life persona make up for the Cardinal energy (and he certainly faced significant Life Challenges), and the Mutable in the way he found adjustment to his personal needs and social life. He did have the staying power of a Fixed nature, I think, through his determination and perseverance to BE the rock star we know and love. 

Lastly, his house quadrants are balanced for an upper-lower range, so he was comfortable going out and meeting the public-at-large (upper quadrant), and he loved having his friends coming to his mansion (lower half). I note that his chart shows a 5:1 eastern-western pattern, so I’m going with the idea that he was VERY “me-first” in nature (especially with 1st and 2nd house planets), and that he was interested in fulfilling his social networking and associations more than “a significant other” and their needs. 

Freddie’s rulerships are Mercury (ironic, yes?) in Virgo and Venus in Libra—again, I believe, showing his brilliant mind for lyrics and his love for people, the arts, and the pleasures of life in all its beauty and glory. Mutual receptions are found with the Sun-Mercury connection (again, the irony of identifying himself with the planet of Communications), and Venus-Jupiter (living the “bigger-more glamorous life with all the glory and indulgences”). With a 2nd-quarter Moon lunar phase, I believe this to show Freddie was born to fulfill his need for “telling the bigger story of life.”

More importantly than the chart, we have Freddie’s work captured on video and in sound, and as such, I have included the performance at Wembley Stadium which I feel shows so much of the majesty of his work and personality. Long live Farrokh Bulsara, and in turn, the man we know and love as Freddie Mercury, and his legacy.