Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Singleton - The Solo Performer Element or Planet

The term singleton really should apply with a slight variation to what the peregrine planet was supposed to be:  one single variation on a key focus or emphasized condition in the chart.  This could be a quality of life force (i.e., an elemental nature such as earth, fire, water, or air as an emotional/sensory key for behavior and needs), a planet (a psychological drive or energy that reflects how we act out or experience life activities), or a modality (Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable) as a force of momentum and inertia.

The key here is that the singleton has its own singular existence in the chart; it is a solo entity and therefore acts as a beacon of concentrated dynamic release.  The singleton does NOT include the ascendant, even if the individual has no other element available.  (*In my chart, even though I have an earth rising sign in Virgo, my ONLY earth planet is my Capricorn moon--which is a tremendous influence on me.)
The definition of a singleton also leads to an awkward circumstance by the translation of the definition itself:  a singleton is supposed to be the solitary leader; a fighter and a motivator who is up-front and passionate in its release of purpose within the psyche.  And there lies the trap: because we are dealing with a person—a unique creature by virtue of our own human nature and spiritual origins—the singleton may be anything but the dynamic expression that fits the circumstance.  The singleton may be a weak player and totally ignored within the overall dynamics of the psyche.

The either/or is a unique condition of astrology where a single entity is found to be either dominating or minimized in influence.  It is this fine measure that allows astrology and psychology to walk and work together.  Within the human experience, the variations of each soul to be a unique individual is as unlimited as can be.  However, the potential that may be discerned from its analyses of the psyche is part of the magnificent opportunity of astrology and psychology.  

*This is especially so for the Sun or Moon as a singleton by element or modality:  valuable information as a tool for deciphering emotional life issues or behavior patterns with self-identity and ego issues, the public, authority figures, women in general, and subconscious responses and defenses.  The personal planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) as singletons can indicate a soul who potentially is trapped in a mental, indulgent, or hostile attitude about life and dealing with others. Again, there otherwise is no significant deviancy from the subject’s behavior toward society.  Yet the singleton’s power as a solo competitor is so strong that it can turn the mouse into a lion—and this is what surprises people who do not recognize the change of persona.  Nor is the subject truly aware that “this” is one hot button!

The power of the singleton is either to be a tower of strength or a timid restrained mild protest—and only the individual him/herself truly knows which one wins.  But in the match-up of astrology and psychology, this surely has a “yes” as a wrinkle in the methodology of the two.  The presence of the spiritual alongside the physical in the drama called Life is why it is useful to our techniques as holistic practitioners, parents, or anyone interested in spiritual and soul growth.

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