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Born on the Cusp of Two Signs?

The 50-50 Signs: 
Cusp Creatures,

Caught In the Middle
of Identity Change!

(Author's note: With some humor here and a thank you for the original idea to Tem Tarriktar of the excellent magazine, 
The Mountain Astrologer. (He originated this idea; I embellished it, so we both get half credit.)

Signs between signs:  the cross-over point known as the cusp, or “doorway” as I think of it between one to another.  It’s like a set of fraternal twins:  both born separate but united in their origins.  This is most noticed when it is the birth (Sun) sign. With 30 degrees to each sign and the 12 components of identity, there is a very slight transition time when the beginning and ending overlaps in the psyche. Such a person has the qualities of both signs, and may find it hard to separate the two main components of the sign’s psychological dynamics and need for expression.  

Obviously, the names are real for the celebrities, but the examples are certainly taken to an extreme and with humor.  However, there is quite a bit on-target with the samples--just ask someone born on the cusp!
I would be inclined to say to anyone who asks, "Read the nature of both signs" because that's likely who these people are.  Well, at least one side of them!
(The other side will deny it because it isn't getting credit.) 

The Aries/Taurus cusp (April 20-21): 
Bullies, the galloping cow 
(or Raging Bull)
The main characteristic of this cuspal creature is a one-pointed charge toward the object of its desire.  (They’re also the belligerent billy goat.  In an especially large individual, consider the bull elephant on attack.) Bullies are compatible with only themselves, and they make great bank robbers and military adventurers.
Famous Bullies:  Iggy Pop, Carmen Electra, and Catherine the Great

The Taurus/Gemini cusp (May 20-21):
Geminus, the no-fault insurance & used car salesperson
This fast-talking cuspoid combines the clever double-talk of Gemini with the business sense of Taurus.   These curious and sometimes psychic creatures often become political pollsters, corporate lawyer sleazeballs, and sports/film agents.
Famous Geminus:  Cher, Bronson Pinchot, Mr. T., and Busta Rhymes 

The Gemini/Cancer cusp 
(June 20-21): 
Cancimini, the crabby twins
It is common to see a Cancimini talking to itself and taking notes.  One self tends to worry (about the other self).  Due to their diverse attachments, they collect the strangest little colorful things but can't remember where they are.
Famous Cancimini: Ray Davies of the Kinks and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys   

The Cancer/Leo "fence" (July 22-23): 
Canceo, the regal beagle
This cusp rules any foods in general that quiver and shake: pudding, Jello, etc.) Canceo rules elderly fat house pets. Their lives are largely spent fawning over little dogs and dressing them up in outrageously foolish clothes. 
   Notable Canceo: Unknown Inventor of the King Crab salad, Woody Harrelson, Don Imus, and David Spade.

The Leo/Virgo cusp (Aug 23-24):
Lego, the crazed artisan
Lego inspired the Sphinx and rules stage fright.  Emperors of the zodiac, they maintain absolute control over their designated kingdom regardless of size.  These poor confused souls can often be heard to say, 
"How can I help you 
(to meet my needs)?"
Famous Legos: King Louis XVI of France, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, Keith Moon, Vince McMahon, and Duke Kahanamoku

The Virgo/Libra cusp (Sept 22-23):
Virbra, the pay scales
Virbra rules labor unions, labors of love, laboratory cleaning products, and laborious efforts to make sure everything has its place. These are the creatures who want perfect relationships and write books called Romantic Perfection Despite Your Faults.
   Famous Virbras: Bruce Springsteen, John Coltrane, and Jason Alexander.

The Libra/Scorpio zone (Oct 23-24):
Librium Leepio, the indecisive assassin
They have passive-explosive complexes: a polite Soprano Family, including women. These creatures are also the politicians of the zodiac, combining the flip-flopping of Libra with the desire for power of Scorpio. Their motto:  “Don't get mad, get balanced, then get even and dump ‘em!"
Famous Librium Leepios: Johnny Carson, 
Tila Tequila, Kevin Kline, and Michael Chrichton

The Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp
(Nov 22-23): 
Scorptarius, the boomerang archer
What goes around comes around!
Their motto: "I've uncovered the secrets of the Universe,but damned if I'm telling!"  Some Scorptarians are spies who advertise in  weapons trade journals, or write unauthorized autobiographies.  
Famous Scorptarians: None of your business!…Scarlett Johannson, Miley Cyrus, and Boris Karloff

The Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp 
(Dec 21-22): 
Sagicorny - the flippant dictator

This cuspoid climbs the mountain of life, reaches the summit, throws both arms skyward, and shouts, “I’m on top, and it proves that I’m always right!”
Famous Sagicornians: Kiefer Sutherland, Frank Zappa, Josef Stalin, and Jane Fonda.

The Capricorn/Aquarius cusp 
(Jan 20-21):
Caprarius, the bringer of 
hooved animals

The reliable eccentric, these cuspoids surf for ideas like "How to maintain the status quo in new, innovative, exciting ways.”
People born under this cusp often have successful careers in designing co-ops for medicinal marijuana and bicycle-powered machines and events on land and water.
Famous Caprarians: Wolfman Jack & Benny Hill

The Aquarius/Pisces cusp 
(Feb 19-20):
Aqueesies - the limp crystal

These guys are beyond the ozone, pure and simple: not of Earth. Don't try to figure them out—they’re tuned to a different frequency. This is the domain of exotic outdoor festivals, confused bureaucracy, the entire New Age, selfless individualism, lost souls, and decentralized minds.
Famous Aqueesies:  Kurt Cobain, Lee Marvin, French Stewart, and Charles Barkley

The Pisces/Aries cusp (Mar 20-21):
Prayeries, the Great White Shark on land

Picture an ostrich running around in circles with his head stuck in the ground, eager to do something, but unable to act without disaster.  
Their motto:  "I am one with the Universe, but Me First!”
Known for using all the hot water in the shower and consuming 
huge amounts of shellfish and beer at beaches and parties.
Famous Prayeries:  Spike Lee and Rosie O’Donnell

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