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Astrological Teams of Like-Dislike, and Energy Patterns (Aspects) Pt. 4

Which signs have a compatibility with each other? Do some signs have more affinity with others and not the rest? As a song once asked, “Why can’t we be friends?” It’s possible for ALL signs to match with each other—but some have more capability of doing it with less challenge.
Some signs DO have more bonding with others because they’re in the same elements: the fire-earth-air-water matches. These by nature of their quality of energy will find a connection:

Fire signs: Aries-Leo-Sagittarius
Earth signs: Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn
Air signs: Gemini-Libra-Aquarius
Water signs: Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces

(This also reflects the aspect pattern of a trine, or 120 degrees)

Fire and Air signs do well together. So do Earth and Water signs. They also match well with their complimentary element signs that are NOT opposites:

Aries-Gemini-Aquarius (fire-air-air)
Taurus-Cancer-Pisces (earth-water-water)
Gemini-Leo-Sagittarius (air-fire-fire)
Cancer-Virgo-Capricorn (water-earth-earth)

(This also reflects the aspect pattern of a sextile, or 60 degrees)

In a similar way, we can line up the zodiac’s 12 signs into two teams:


Here, each sign has an alternate match. These are “opposite” signs—or an alternative view of that sign. Each sign’s opposite carries qualities that the matching partner displays—like bookends. In this way, “opposites attract.” 
(This also reflects the aspect pattern of an opposition, or 180 degrees.)

Signs can also find their compatible matches and challenges by grouping them by modalities of Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable. Within each group, there will be an opposite-attraction. The remaining two signs left over are NOT in accord by their nature. Another way of looking at this is to put the respective signs on a North-South-East-West 4-way stop sign. The opposite signs will attract; the discordant signs will be at the cross-points:

Aries + Libra

Taurus + Scorpio

     Gemini + Sagittarius

The signs at 90 degrees form the square pattern of challenge. 

Again, there are signs which don’t find it easy to get along by elemental nature nor quality. As noted above, Fire and Air & Earth and Water signs do well with each other. I think the squaring signs DO have a chance with each other—they create a different kind of cooperation once they’ve resolved their differences. That's how I came up with "mixed astrological elements" (1).

Fire and Water signs tend by their nature to have some difficulties: the Water sign tends to “put out the enthusiastic fire” while the Fire sign can’t understand why the emotional Water sign won’t take action on something if they intuitively understand it. An Air sign tends to express ideas that “can’t find solid footing on the ground” to an Earth sign, while the Earth sign often considers the Air sign to be “aloft like a kite without someone holding it down.”

Then there are the patterns or interactions of signs which are just stressful by nature: they clash with two elements which are not in harmony. For this reason, I call this union--or the effort to make it work "an itch that can't be scratched; a difficulty of resolution." One way to do this involves the help of the opposition pattern: find the “opposite” sign AND THEN NOTICE WHICH SIGN “ESCORTS” IT ON EITHER SIDE. This forms the quincunx or inconjunct pattern, or 150 degrees. If you're matched with a partner whose sign is inconjunct yours...good luck! You can make it if you try! (sometimes). In a similar way, if you have planets in signs that make this connection, expect a LOT of annoyance within your own psyche as they both try to get their way!

Aries / Virgo-Scorpio

Taurus / Libra-Sagittarius

Gemini / Scorpio-Capricorn

Cancer /Sagittarius-Aquarius

Leo / Capricorn-Pisces

Virgo / Aries-Aquarius

Libra / Taurus-Pisces

Scorpio / Aries-Gemini

Sagittarius / Taurus-Cancer

Capricorn / Gemini-Leo

Aquarius / Cancer-Virgo

Pisces / Leo-Libra


Fire/Air don't like Water & Earth 

Earth/Water don't like Fire & Air


Astrological Patterns of Energy: Cooperation or Resistance

I use the conjunction (0 degrees), square (90), opposition (180), Trine (120), and quincunx/inconjuct (150). I don't use sextiles (60) because I think they're too weak to feel. The rest are minor aspects, and some astrologers DO use them. I neither agree nor disagree.

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