Saturday, October 5, 2013

Personal Boundaries in the Zodiac

I was recently asked about a comment I made that "Scorpios and Virgos are similar in nature." To explain further, I replied, "It's a way that Scorpios and Virgos have about obsession, actually. Virgo has it for maintaining order in their life--or someone else's--and Scorpio about letting someone else INTO their life. All about control."

The Rolling Stones had a song, “Get Off of My Cloud.” ESPECIALLY for those in intimate and professional relationships, as well as how we conduct ourselves, we are all learning about “personal space.” This is especially so for anyone with 2nd house planets, and more so for personal ones (Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus-Mars). But this also goes for 7th and 8th house planets: and within those houses, add in Saturn for structure, Uranus for unwillingness to yield to social formalities, Neptune for lack of clarity and personal discernment, and Pluto for control and power. The 4 major asteroids can also be factors too: willingness to bend and yield to a partner (Vesta) as a personal sacrifice of Self; Juno's expectations of commitment; Pallas Athena's sense of championing the less fortunate and also stretching gender roles, and Ceres' ways of caring and extending nurturing.

How we respect and learn our self-value of “being me” and also recognizing the same for others is a significant lesson that we are learning. Each sign has its own potential realization of saying to others (and also to the Self) that “These are MY boundaries.”

So how do other signs handle personal space and respecting (or not) those of others?  Generally speaking--and this is not specifying EVERYONE in any sign:

(1) Aries will run right over someone's space. "You talking to ME?! No, I'm NOT being insensitive--you're just not motivated enough. Here, let me show you...."

(2) Taurus thinks whatever they have (or someone else has) belongs to them: "Well, I want it--therefore, I should have it."
(3) Gemini tries to slip past mental barriers with "I'm curious about something you said/think. Why, no, I'm not being nosy--I was just wondering...."
(4) Cancer tries to protect their own sensitivity because they can sense so much about other people's feelings (boundaries): "You don't care how I feel! Go ahead and hurt me--you'll be sorry for it."
(5) Leo just wants to have recognition for their own boundaries; no one else matters as much: "How DARE you defy me? Don't you know how important I am?"
(6) Virgo...well..."EVERYTHING has its proper place and space! Make sure you know where mine are and what I expect of you!"
(7) Libra wants to be sure everyone's boundaries are respected and equal: "All is Fair in Love and War. But if it keeps us from arguing...I agree."
(8) Scorpio will kill anyone who gets too close to a personal boundary: "None of your damned business! And who asked you anyway?"
(9) Sagittarius wants to expand their boundaries (and that of others): "The bigger, the better! You would gain something from me anyway."
(10) Capricorn wants to use their boundaries for gain or success at the expense of others: "I can use this to my advantage--especially if you don't know my intentions and goals."
(11) Aquarius hides within the Collective Group boundaries and avoids commitment: "If you can't see or find me, I'm not required to validate my boundaries. Besides, I might change my view of them without explaining why."
(12) Pisces just doesn't know boundaries; they're too "far out" to maintain them: "Oh, it doesn't matter anyway. This just isn't reality--so go ahead with whatever it is you want. I'll find some way of adjusting."

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Christina said...

Very good summary. Actually, this works pretty well for Sun signs, I think. As a Pisces Sun, I'd say that one of our life lessons is to learn how to have boundaries and maintain them.