Friday, June 23, 2017

"New" zodiac signs revisited for 2017

Remember this? I'm STILL being asked "Aren't there 13 signs now?" and "Am I still my original sign? I thought they changed me!"

So...once honor of all the uproar over the “new” zodiac sign mania that swept the nation…I am announcing yet another system, the PSYAP way of interpreting your birth sign for the 21st century.  This is my idea, and anyone who disputes it can do so.  If anyone cares to reproduce it…send a suitcase full of unmarked euros (I don’t expect the U.S. dollar to have a long lifespan thanks to Pluto in Capricorn).  

Ramses the Ram – Known for knocking their heads against the wall and wondering why they have migraines, and also found in hat stores trying on styles that don’t fit or make sense.

Taureen the Bull – Found at the dinner table sampling everything that tastes good (and going for second helpings), and also throwing elaborate sports parties where everything is made on barbeque grills.

JimiNye the Twins – These individuals have the potential to play a right-handed guitar with their left hand, and also possess great urges to steal candy from stores, but turn themselves in after being spotted arguing aloud with themselves about right vs. wrong.

Canseer the Crab – These individuals are found crying at weddings, funerals, and at the maternity ward where babies are kept overnight for observation; also known for making phone calls to total strangers and saying “I was worried about you; did you have a bowel movement today?”

HighlyLo the Lion – Often found in department stores behind the perfume counter and in clothing stores, they help themselves to samples and bring armfuls of items to the dressing room to try on and don’t put anything back on hangers.

Where-go the Virgin Maiden – Often noticed in personnel departments and human resource offices rummaging through the trash bins for lost papers and near the copy machine; they can’t stand to pass by the cleaning storage room without wanting to straighten out the supplies and be sure everyone has a sharpened pencil in their desks.

Libraian, the 2-sided Coin - Over-polite when driving (the Seattle area is known for this), and not moving at a 4-way stop sign. Often found at summer camp as geeky counselors, they are dominated by the kids, who are more cool than their leader. Libraians also collect and maintain libraries of hardcover books by color, not author.

Scorch-you-up the Scorpion – Often seen glaring at long lines of people and yelling at sports figures at ballparks; also noticed in school as youngsters who swear that standardized tests are a form of code.

Sloggytarius the Centaur – Fond of mules, donkeys, and burros, these individuals have a yearning to own animals who refuse to cooperate unless they get their own way.  Also found on farms where they sit in the mud and wait until someone says it’s the right thing to get out of the rain.

CaptainCorneous the grounded Goat-fish –  These individuals are the masters of junk yard recycling:  “Just because it’s broken don’t mean it can’t be used.”  Also seen in the fertilizer business and in the pastures of Sloggytarian farmers:  “One man’s waste shouldn’t go to waste.”

Aquire-ous the social networker – Often seen in community centers, schoolyard soccer, basketball, football, or baseball games as referees, coaches, and umpires who rule against the home team, their motto is “We will extend our neighbors a helping hand.  We will extend two hands, and help ourselves to our neighbors!”

Piskees, the two fish – Known for collecting wading pools and filling them with frogs and other amphibians, and fishing in barrels and swimming pools and wondering why they haven’t got a bite.

(C) MDLOP8 2011

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Astrological Services: consultations, eBook, reports

For orders: please write me too at I would like birth date, time (a.m./p.m. if possible), and city-location of birth or solar return. Or order via Paypal and indicate information and selection(s).

Counseling-consulting session (phone/in-person/internet time): $60/hour. $30 thirty minutes.

Astrological Reports via email (PDF or Word format)

(1) 3-month key near-future (transit/progressed) trends: $11.
(2) Year Ahead Life Events: $20
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(9) Book via PDF or eBook format: $11.00

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Psychological Astrology Meets the Chinese economics university students

Astrology in a Chinese University, 
Part II

So what do I use as a lesson with astrology in this situation? My students are focused on accomplishment and achievement because it is a principle of their culture to be successful. To this end, I will use ANYTHING I can access in my psychological-astrological portfolio ideas.

When I met my Monday II Writing class the other day, I saw they all were looking at a hand-out for an economics class about coping with chaos in the business world. I immediately jumped for a piece of chalk and caught their attention: “I can show you with astrology how each and every one of you—everyone on this campus—reacts to chaos by using your birth sign.”  Down went the cell phones—which is something I battle everyday with them: their attention span. THIS is something they want to learn: “how do {I} become better at managing myself and be productive?”

So I explained to them that they would be placed in teams. Each team had its own way of responding with a cause-and-effect to chaos: “how do you handle Life Challenges and Responsibilities?” What I would do is show them the groupings of Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable sign qualities.

And that’s what I did: I divided the blackboard into three parts, then broke down the signs by day/month. I first asked who in the class would fit this by their particular birthday, and then to listen and take notes about their Team Assignment in how they would handle Distractions and still be able to Focus on the Goal. In other words, how did they handle Chaos in Life and not be blown off course?

Team #1 would be the Pro-Active Response Unit of Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn, who are willing to face Big Choices and Decisions head-on and stand up to the Tough Moments, even when they are rocked back on their heels by the impact. I then explained how this Team reacted on an individual basis: Aries by being self-motivated; Cancer by being concerned for the needs of others; Libra by looking for mutual support; and Capricorn for putting together a business plan as an objective and staying with it.

Then I turned to Team #2, the Fixed Group. Here, I explained, was a great deal of involvement with Financial Matters: both tangibles and intangibles. (Since these students are finance, accounting, and economics majors, I could use money principles here.) “It’s about Safety, Security, Stability, and Presence of Identity here,” I said. This group, I explained were like the Prudential insurance Rock of Gibralter image or a mighty oak tree: holding fast to the ground and staying rooted in the heaviest wind storms. Taurus, I explained, would be as strong as the Chinese zodiac ox in working hard to stay with tasks and be productive and not distracted, while Leo would be as powerful as a lion (and tiger, also a Chinese zodiac animal), displaying charisma and leadership. For Scorpio, I explained the concepts of insurance and the protection it offers to buyers, and also the rebuilding potential of moving ahead after a Life-altering event might otherwise defeat someone who is afraid and unprepared. For Aquarius, I emphasized the importance of friends and social networks for support when difficult times came up, and how group study efforts might help them learn together and get better grades. Staying with the job at hand and finding what works is your best quality, I explained.

And then it was time for the Mutables. “You are able to bend and yield like skilled martial arts practitioners,” I said. You have the mental agility to be flexible. You can perform intellectual akido, tai chi, and kung fu to overcome delays, obstacles, and limitations that are only illusions and distractions. Geminis, you have the power to use your mind to ask questions that no one else might consider. Virgos, you can analyze and find the flaws and see how to resolve them before they manifest into greater ones. Sagittarians, you know that philosophical truths are your personal tools to help see the wisdom beyond the current situation. And Pisces, you know that there is a Master Plan for all that happens. What is the Meaning and Purpose of Chaos and how does it help you gain Awareness?”

And then I asked them to write a short in-class essay about how they handled a situation where Chaos occurred in their lives. The results I received told of many struggles especially with the high school graduation test known as the Gaokao (“Gow-Kow”), and it was a huge hurdle for them. Their placement and score was absolutely crucial. Some wrote of the anguish of not getting better grades and the shame of their families, while others expressed the dilemma of whether or not to listen to parents who said that the best choice of life was to get a good-paying job and be rewarded financially—at the cost of giving up personal choices and interests.

But for me, I found that astrology helped me open a very narrow window: the willingness of these students to write and be productive in my classroom, but also to inspire and encourage them to see new ways of moving past hurdles and fears to open their eyes about the never-ending complications of Life. I am a very lucky instructor: I can teach with the zodiac in my classroom.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"East Meets West astrology journal" - Part 1

"East Meets West in Astrology--A View from China" Part 1. So I've been teaching freshman English Reading & Writing at a major finance-economics university in Nanchang since March--and astrology has been a major source of discussion for me. I have found it to be interesting as a verbal can-opener tool in order to try and get my students to talk. (They are VERY reluctant to practice their speaking skills: "We are afraid to make a mistake.")

So how is astrology viewed here? They are somewhat interested in Western concepts, but I noted immediately that they are fixed on the lunar birthday cycle. I have had multiple errors in attempts to interpret charts because they kept changing the date. I had to learn to say "SOLAR birthday please" several times and then reiterate the point.
I also know Eastern astrology concepts--but trying to explain in English that "I am a Sheep/Goat like your lunar year now" has not been quite the success I hoped for.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Planets mean "We're Open for Business"

As I'm now teaching for a 10-month session at a major university of Finance and Economics in Nanchang, China (I have English writing and reading), my students are business-minded--but interested in astrology because I've introduced it to them. They seemed overwhelmed at the sight of a chart display, but I assured them that Chinese characters (over 4,000) are a lot harder to learn, especially since astrology only uses about 25 symbols, and they're not as complex.

So I thought "How would I explain the energies of the planets?" and came up with a business structure for them. (I've already done transportation, using a train ride, on this site.) So here's what I conceived: 

(1) The Sun: the president, and the name on the company building. The founder of the institution.
(2) The Moon: how the public-at-large feels about the company, and what is the goal/target of the company objective.
(3) Mercury: Public relations and all forms of information exchange, including hardware/software programs.
(4) Venus: Interior design and appearance of offices, including what form of architecture and how the entrance/lobby is planned.
(5) Mars: what form of physical activities are offered for employees. Is there a gym membership offered, or an on-site facility? Who takes care of the building itself: what kind of maintenance program for landscaping and interior clean-up?
(6) Jupiter: what long-range growth plans are in line, and what direction is the company taking to pursue these? How much and what is in line for bonuses, raises, promotions, and community donations?
(7) Saturn: Internal security. Who and what kind of privacy of the facility is offered, and how is it kept up? What about record-keeping/accounting?
(8) Uranus: creative development. How is research and development of new innovative ideas brought forward, and do employees have a say in this? (I'm thinking of 3M and the man who invented Post-It notes. It was his own idea.)
9) Neptune: Vacation time. What kind of package is offered for those who need to get away for a while, and is there some place on-site where employees can have a private quiet moment? Is there some form of yoga or meditation time built into the workday to enhance productivity?
10) Pluto: Recycling and trash removal. Who does the dirty work, and how "green" is the company?

Special options for the 4 major asteroids, Chiron, and the Nodes:
(1) Ceres: what programs are there for stay-at-home workers with children or day-care options?
(2) Juno: what benefits are there for spouses or partners?
(3) Vesta: does the company have a dedicated community program for charitable contributions?
(4) Pallas Athena: what community programs are endorsed or promoted by the company for those who are in need of social support/advocacy?
(5) Chiron: what mental-physical health benefits are part of the company program for employees?
(6) North-South Nodes: is this a new start-up company idea, or does it have a past history?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Lunar Return and month-to-month Activity cycles of the Moon

The lunar return is one method of tuning in oneself to the trends of psychological astrology as well as "what's up for me?"  Similar in nature to the solar return but in a 27.5 day phase, the lunar return offers us the chance to see what the month(s) ahead will bring, each with a new "social/public/business scene" from the Moon's energies.  And since the Moon is part of our subconscious nature, it represents what we have asked to learn and have drawn to ourselves in the process.  What better way to see "What have I asked to experience next?" in the month(s) ahead? 

I use lunar returns to keep clients (especially the ladies) aware of timing phases that are manageable in small scale: "What's going on with me for next/this month?" The other planets can also be identified within a lunar return; they may have a cooperative or limited flow of energy with the Moon, depending on placements for the specified time.  

The lunar return is yet ANOTHER reason that I encourage my clients to follow the potential flows of Life Activity during the course of a year--and they say the advantages are dramatically in their favor. Note: "lunar types" (4th house Moon or Asc. or Cancer Asc or 4th house stellium) should ESPECIALLY follow the lunar returns throughout the year!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Barbara Hand-Clow: the Uranus-Pluto square & the Future of Humanity

This is something different than I normally post or write--and Barbara Hand-Clow is the author. The timeliness and importance of this message is why I am sharing it here. We MUST take action and responsibility NOW for our choices and thoughts--or we will suffer far more greater consequences than people prefer--including those in denial who say "Not in MY lifetime!" (OH yes it is so--or we will all face the end of humanity and worse. This is part of the destructive patterns of human psychological behavior--or perhaps the beauty of our potential for making a difference, ESPECIALLY as Saturn is now retrograde and will return to the Transformational Life-and-death and Rebirth Energies of Scorpio this year.)

"We can change the world." We have heard these words from great leaders, musicians, poets, avatars, and others who see the beauty of the planet Herself (Gaia) and our presence. The future is ours NOW to decide. Please choose wisely. (Additional thanks and blessings to Susanna Ashworth at for providing me a copy of this article, changed from PDF to Word on my part for easier publication and sharing.)

 This Too Shall Pass
The Seventh Uranus/Pluto Square March 16, 2015

© 2015 Barbara Hand Clow
Graphics by Marianne Carroll

Finally we have come to the end of seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto that have taken place twice a year since February 2012. The events that astrology predicted for this periodthe virulent return of the strident socio-political issues of the 1960s when Uranus and Pluto came together in the sky in Virgohave occurred: Racial tension, political chaos, environmental degradation, allopathic medical abuse, excessive militarism, police abuse, and American foreign interference have returned with a vengeance. Astrology shows we are making progress, yet we have a long way to go to resolution, since the meaning and outcome of these 1960s issues will not be known until Uranus and Pluto come together again in 2104!

According to astrology, these conflicts will attain their ultimate magnitude when Uranus opposes Pluto in 2046-48; some kind of resolution will come in 2073-04 when the final square occurs; and a new cycle of radical deep change will begin at the beginning of the twenty- second century. When Uranus and Pluto conjunct in Taurus in 2104, if we are still here on Earth, humankind will have chosen kinder and more Earth-friendly ways of life after this macabre dance on the edge of ecocide. If you wonder why you are so deeply upset right now, it is because the Earth herself is being strangled by human destruction. The popular media has drawn many comparisons between 2012-2015 and the revolutionary Sixties. For example, regarding racism and police fascism, the LA Times noted at the end of 2014 that "The U.S. is ending 2014 with a collective "I can't breathe,'" the last words spoken by Eric Garner, a black man brutally strangled by New York Police.

Since this Uranus/Pluto Square is the last of the seven, seeking clues for how to use its powers rather than be used by the squares does not seem to work. I've studied the chart four or five times, and I find little direction in it. Meanwhile, I feel called to do an overview of the progress we've made since 2012 based on the first six readings, since we have made tremendous progress. Yet, we don't feel like we're getting anywhere because we still have to experience the remainder of this Uranus/Pluto cycle through 2104. In other words, the primary issues that ignited in the Sixties will be plaguing our planet for a long time before we can resolve them. One might ask why this Uranus/Pluto cycle is so potent, since the cycle occurs around every 150 years? The answer is, this cycle is always very formative when it plays out at the end of a Great Age, in this case the Age of Pisces.

In my discussion of the first Uranus/Pluto Square, entitled Welcome to the Truth and still posted to this website, I noted the key issue for 2012-2015 is sustainability because the problems we face stem from environmental degradation, which includes overpopulating our beautiful home and creating wars as a result. So, now that Earth is too crowded, war will cease only when society recognizes that war causes the greatest waste, material destruction, and pain to all living things. In the first reading I said, "No matter how much anyone tries to hide from it, Earth's people must adopt sustainable living, or the slated renaissance [the Age of Aquarius] will abort. As this new emergent reality formulates pushed by the intense Uranus/Pluto squares, we struggle to co-create with it. Many people have been confused by the failure of the 1960s alternative-cultural revolution, yet now we can see that sustainability was birthed by the flower children. The seeming failure of the Sixties revolution occurred because it wasn't time yet. With Uranus attaining its first square to Pluto, sustainability will be the fruition of the Uranus/Pluto conjunctions of the 1960s." Ecological balance is now deeply desired by many serious individuals, although it is rarely discussed in mass media.

We will achieve sustainability by assuming total responsibility for our actions. The second Uranus/Pluto Square showed we must choose to live in harmony with Earth. There is no way out of this truth, yet also many porcine people obscenely consume everything in sight. You will not hear criticism of this selfishness in the mass media, since it exists to champion consumerism, war, economic fascism, allopathic drugs, and mind control, yet there is a growing wave of disgust over consuming Earth. When the third square occurred May 20, 2013, the world was falling into extreme difficulty amidst constant war, drugging, climate change, economic shrinkage, and heart-breaking mental and physical sickness. Remember, when people are forced to change in deep ways, chaos comes first. The third square emphasized the incredible importance of human choice and will. The chart mapped out the universal truthclear intentions create good choices that can transform our world. When the fourth square came in November of that year, chaos expanded because more and more people were being thrown into the wild field of "quantum choice," a consciousness location that forces everybody to see how much we all affect each other as individual parts of the whole. We need holistic thinking to flow into oneness, end racism, environmental degradation, war, and physical and psychological abuse. Pushed by the Uranus/Pluto cycle since the 1960s, we are being prodded to act fairly in relation to others as we move into the Age of Aquarius during this Uranus/Pluto cycle.

As each one makes personal progress, the general chaos builds and builds, and amidst the craziness (Uranus in Aries) we are seeing the root causes of human breakdown, yet few have any idea how to resolve things. I believe nothing will be resolved without identifying the causes of the current chaos, and this is happening. For example, some major media commentators, such as Fareed Zakaria and some of his guests are finally saying George W. Bush destabilized the whole Middle East when he invaded Iraq in 2003 and removed Sunni leader Saddam Hussein from power. Subsequently, Iraqi prisoners who were tortured by CIA techniques connected in prison and created ISIS. [Intelligence Chairwoman Diane Feinsten in the CIA Torture Report, made public just before the sixth Uranus/Pluto Square in December 2014, traced this progression.] Then as soon as US troops pulled out of Iraq, ISIS seized US military weapons and hoards of black budget cash. James Mann noted "the war [Iraq] will go down as a strategic blunder of epic proportions, among the most serious in American history." (February 6, 2015, Los Angeles Times) Well, it has already.

In my reading for the very recent sixth square, I noted, "We are becoming conscious of the unconscious." As erupting dark forces such as ISIS got more power mostly because of the grievous errors of the arrogant game masters, many people could see they'd been manipulated into false divisions. When a person realizes they've been duped, everything seems relative, so now many individuals are switching sides, a great stress to fear-obsessed Western countries. Regardless, the big truth is out: Western interference in the internal affairs of the East has spawned the nasty backlash in Iraq and Syria that is spreading throughout the world; no one will be left untouched. When ISIS beheaded 21 Coptic Christian Egyptian men in Tripoli close to the February 18 New Moon in Aquarius, some news commentators noted that the assassination of Moammar Kadafi destabilized Libya and opened it to deeper radicalism. The dangerous results of American actions in the Middle East are clear now, and only a total turn-around in strategy will stop this murderous firestorm. People in the Middle East complain that Western powers are murdering many women and children in villages with drone attacks and aerial bombings. For them this is as hideous as the brutal murders by ISIS; this inhumane murder is spreading all over the world.

During the seventh and final Uranus/Pluto Square, the world is locked into an intense struggle between East and West that cannot escalate further without torching the Earth. As the unconscious becomes conscious, the tendency for people on both sides to support this insane escalation is diminishing in the face of the greater instinctsurvival. When faced with the destruction of all we hold dear, more people see that the belief systems of the major religions are strangling our world. The seven Uranus/Pluto squares have exposed the dark forces (Pluto in Capricorn), and the people (Uranus in Aries) are demanding change and transformation in a new way. We are in the midst of a death crisis that is igniting the human will to survive. Surveillance, adoration of snipers, drone attacks, beheadings, and kidnappings kill ad nauseum; humankind must consciously refuse the death path now and adore life. In such a crisis as this, openness is favored over control, kindness comes forth against killing, and cruelty shrivels when exposed to compassion. Let's look at the astrology.

Uranus and Pluto have never been more than one degree apart between the sixth and seventh squaresDecember 15, 2014 to March 16, 2015. In effect, we've been in a constant square getting pummeled each time a planet or the Moon aspects the Grand Square, once a week when the Moon is in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn. Amidst this continual tension, the chart for the exact square does no tell us as much as the previous ones did. However, New and Full Moons since December telescoped the great square casting beams of light into our unconscious complexes when world events clearly revealed the meaning of the lunar phases. For example, during the Leo Full Moon on Feb 3, 2015, ISIS burned a Jordanian pilot alive in an iron cage, a disgusting display of human barbarity that further destabilized the tense Sunni/ Shia balance in Jordan. Right after the Full Moon, Jordan retaliated by hanging two ISIS prisoners, one of them a woman, a cruelty that Islam attempts to avoid. During the Aquarius New Moon on February 18, ISIS beheaded 21 Coptic Christian men right on the Planetary Midline in Tripoli. [See my 2011 release, Awakening the Planetary Mind, for the significance of the Midline]. ISIS warned they would move up north (on the Midline) to Rome, an ominous threat against the Vatican. Clearly ISIS is using astrology to influence the collective mind, and they may have ideas for how to harvest the natural structural powers of Earth by moving the spilling of blood up the Midline. After all, Hitler already showed the world how to do it. So, have Western powers learned anything from their interventions in cultures they do not understand? The West must undertake a thorough appraisal of what it has spawned in the Middle Eastan insanely cruel enemy that is successfully fighting back.

The Virgo Full Moon on March 5, 2015 will set up a formative energy field for the exact Uranus/Pluto Square to come March 16, and the Pisces Solar Eclipse on March 20 four days after the great square hints at an entirely new and compelling ball game. First, let's we look at the Virgo Full Moon to examine the field that will surround the exact square. Stephanie Austin, in her analysis of the March 5 Virgo Full Moon in the February/March 2015 Mountain Astrologer, says this Full Moon sheds light on the great challenge "to integrate matter and spirit, head and heart, judgment and compassion." She notes that even though science has proven that "everything in the Universe is made up of energy and that everything is interconnected," . . . yet "most of our political, social, and economic institutions are still based on materialism" rather than the quantum and multidimensional reality supported by science. [In my analysis for the fourth Uranus/Pluto Square, I said it threw us into "quantum choice," the ability to experience interconnectivity.] In my personal realm the synchronicities have been astonishing while the world throbs with a collective horror of war and mayhem. When snipers are praised, many feel deep unease. When world religions push for the apocalypse, many see the consequences of this madnesskilling in the name of God.

On March 5, Venus in 16 Aries activates the transformative powers of Uranus in 15 Aries, and Mars in 11 Aries approaching Uranus in 15 Aries is in a close square to Pluto in 15 Capricorn. The Arian powers of Venus and Mars are pushed to the max by being in the Uranus/Pluto Square, so the desire to end war is played out at home in each Mars/Venus relationship. Given the potency of the 15 Virgo Full Moon opposite the 15 Pisces Sun (the middle degrees are always the most intense), this aggressive dance between Mars and Venus in Aries setting off the square will tend to enhance our ability to utilize quantum consciousness and activate our innate ability to see both sides of a question. We must cease being tricked into fighting the "enemy" by the elite arms manufacturers, the only winners in this global game. This level of seeing is a necessity now because elite science is destroying Earth. During the Full Moon, the Sun in 15 Pisces is conjunct Chiron in 17 Pisces, which means each person will be inspired to heal the deep divisions plaguing the modern world.

The seventh Uranus/Pluto square occurs March 16, 2015. Uranus in 15 Aries square Pluto in 15 Capricorn while Jupiter in 13 Leo trines Uranus in Aries, which give us courage and unusual creativity to make big leaps in awareness. Mercury and Neptune conjunct in early Pisces will spark many deep insights about the Age of Pisces, the last two thousand years of developing compassion and cosmic insight, however also an age of profound duality. With Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and the Sun in Pisces, we are called to consciously let go of the negative patterns of this passing Great Age. The symbol for Pisces is two fishes swimming in opposite directions because duality inspires deep feelings, yet these deep feelings also have caused mankind to go to war in the name of God. The current explosion of hideous torture and abuse signals the end of this arrogant experiment that threatens life itself. Lastly, the Moon in Aquarius suggests this final Uranus/Pluto square will remind us of the long-awaited dawning of the Age of Aquarius. The musical "Hair" called the masses to wait for the coming Age of Aquarius during the 1960s, and now we can see the time is coming to adopt the Aquarian ideals of peace and oneness.

On March 20, the Pisces Solar Eclipse occurs just four days after the exact Uranus/Pluto Square. This will unleash the ability to integrate the radical changes brought by the seven great squares and make personal choices for serious change. The Spring Equinox 13 hours after the eclipse will celebrate this great turning. The New Moon is in 29 Pisces, the degree that opened the Age of Pisces two thousand years ago (precession causes the Great Ages to move in reverse). That is, when the Age of Aries completed itself around 200 BCE, the Sun precessed from 0 Aries back into 29 Pisces, the same degree as this eclipse. This Pisces Solar Eclipse signals something will happen that will eventually end perpetual Piscean duality because the dark and the light, the yin and the yang, god or no god, have been sufficiently explored. The time has come for the high ideals of Aquariusunity and equalityto be reinstated by the human species. Anything else is counterrevolutionary. Uranus and Pluto will be close in square for a few more years, and we still have to complete the Virgo Uranus/Pluto cycle1960 through 2104to abandon Piscean duality, but the tide is already turning. The Waterbearer, Aquarius, is already soothing humans who are taking a stand to live in Unity and Oneness and reaching out to those in pain at the end of the Age of Pisces. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Gene Roddenberry meets a Vulcan (revisited): farewell, Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

Astrology breaks ground in the study of the psyche by taking us figuratively beyond where no man has gone before, to add as an introduction with tongue-in-cheek.  It’s also due in part to the advances in technology (i.e., movies and television) that this is possible for us to see the role of “life beyond Earth” through the eyes of astrological analyses and chart interpretation. 

The modern era came during the mid-'60s when astrology was championed during the rise of television and movies starting with Gene Roddenberry’s gift of Star Trek.  At last:  humans and other beings living together and working too.  Mr. Spock, as portrayed by the calm aloofness of Leonard Nimoy’s Vulcan-human first officer, really opened so many people to honor their natural awareness of astrological identifications within the framework of one single character.  Not only was he cool because he knew nerve pinches that disarmed and disabled potential enemies, he possessed a mind that was lightning fast and always with the most effective answer.  He appealed to something special:  the need to be of and in service to a higher authority in command as well as a singular focus on the most direct way to gauge the odds for success or failure—and why.  I believe that we will indeed see and identify a trans-Mercurian planet close to the sun which will be named for the Roman god of the forge and Spock’s paternal home planet.  

Interestingly enough, astrology has spoken about Vulcan for some time, going back to the late 1800s.  Isabel Hickey also mentioned it in her book Astrology: A Cosmic Science, but it's my view that Roddenberry took the identity of an Advanced Virgo ascendant and made it into the logical, analytical image of the pointed-ear alien—a “Vulcan-Virgo” or "2V."  The qualities are obvious (or "logical"):  an over-fascination with accuracy and fact, and a detached insistence on maintaining a poker face because emotions show a lack of control—and reason. In an evolved storyline that may have been unintentional, the “next generation” series brought Mr. Data as an android with the same rigid structure of facts-as-law.
What is interesting here is that both men in their roles clearly represent the mental acuity and skillful cause-and-response capacities of a very adept Mercurian.  The Vulcan-Virgo is also very proud of the capacity to perform a role as a waking data base (hence Data’s name).  “Human Library” is a term I assign both personally and astrologically to the 2V.  (This does not necessarily have any impact on rulership by Mercury; that’s another topic.)

 This is of personal interest to me as well:  at my first-ever astrological reading by my future teacher, I was told that I was a 2V with the chart indicating a Virgo ascendant—and it’s been a family joke that I have pointed ears.  

(This was pushed to the test when I stretched a 1-hour astrological consultation meeting into eight hours, and then departed with two textbooks to study after being told a flat “no”—by a Scorpio!--to my insistence that I borrow them.)

(c) MDLOP8 2010

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Psychological Astrology in the 21st Century

(From the back cover):
The 21st Century is the Time for Psychology and Astrology

The doors astrology can open are based in a psychological frame:  that we possess a natural system of looking within and seeing ourselves in an organized structure of behaviors, responses, growth, and sequential outcomes.

We have available a 12-way mirror of the soul with multiple levels of potential views and choices to make to take us further on the pathway that we call Life.  We can become the artist who creates the living painting of our decisions and their results.  These are ideas to help the working, thinking, considerate practical healer of body, mind, and soul, whether or not the person is a professional physician, holistic healer, or just someone interested in understanding the vast range of experiences that come with a lifetime (especially those who are blessed as parents). 
It is also the 21st century. The collective awareness of our global brethren and the huge array of networking that the Internet has ignited is one way that we can integrate psychology with astrology because it is an internationally recognized concept in psychological fields. The response since the 1950s and the definitive statistical research by the Gauquelins from Switzerland is that astrology has a proven and significantly accurate rate of clarity in identifying psychological potential behaviors and actions.

Astrology is also being applied in the work field; it is a human resources tool. It’s just not openly admitted! It offers a direct no-nonsense approach to defining the parameters of behavior, and has little tolerance for the human trait of denial. It does not need a one-on-one encounter either; astrological analyses can be done without a direct meeting.

Key points are clearly visible, among them, work habits, ability to handle authority figures, day-to-day schedules, motivation, fears and avoidance/acceptance of responsibility, routines, entrepreneurship, and management potential.

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