Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lunar types and Moon Sensitivities

Donna Cunningham (the astrologer and author, not the realtor or math professor--she says) came up with a terrific idea about some people being "lunar types in a solar world."  What I understand from this:  some of us are more "moon-influenced" by the moon's placement in our chart or by sign (Moon in Cancer, for instance, or a 4th house moon).  I call this the "Loony Moon" condition (but then, I'm a 4th house moon).

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Lunar type in a solar world
1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house moon; option is a 4th house Sun                 
Close ties to emotions, sensitivity, feelings
Unable to comfortably express themselves
Shy, vulnerable, prone to tears
More “grumpy” than most people;
hard shell exterior; grumpy

I should note here that a moon in the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th houses makes a person "lunar/loony" and more of a Cancer-Crab/Moonchild, even if they are not of that sign. This idea also comes from Donna Cunningham—that the moon in one of the Four Quadrant Markers (1st/4th, 7th, 10th) houses gives someone a “lunar” perspective of dealing with society; that is, the subject is more withdrawn to some level from society and protective of their psyche. 

They are crab-like in their manner of hiding a vulnerable sensitive attitude behind a gruff exterior.  Emotionally sensitive from hard-to-express-from-within levels, the Lunar type retreats in their home or office for safety and protection from the outside world.  A 4th house placement for a woman often indicates some sort of Earth Mother role, protecting, caring for, and nurturing animals, plants, or people.  

The 1st house moon will "feel every emotion" as part of their personality; the 4th house moon will feel grounded and secure in their own home; the 7th house moon will want a partner whom they can "mother" and be nurtured by in return; and a 10th house moon will make their job (and colleagues) their 'children.'

Moon Sensitivities
Reflexive gut feeling; system of safety
“first response” when caught unaware
Capacity to establish a safe zone and home
Subconscious attitude toward society
“Emotional-mental tentacle” that touches world

A first house Lunar type would be highly sensitive to the moon’s sign placement.  Physiologically, a 1st house moon would impact the physical body in some manner, or at least the personality in a distinct way.  One idea from Diana Stone ( is that a 1st house Gemini moon might indicate a neurological disorder such as epilepsy, being that Gemini rules the nervous system.  Another would be a learning or communications disorder like dyslexia, or even borderline disorder.  An emotional instability might certainly be seen if the moon has challenges. 

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