Monday, September 27, 2010

Houses and Life Lessons, Part II

Continuing with the evolutionary wheel of Life Experiences known as the houses (or "wedges" of the chart...I again credit Steven Arroyo with the idea of this.  (Go back to the previous post on the houses as places to explore spiritual, mental, physical and emotional growth.)
The appropriate type of elemental energy (fire, earth, air, or water) are also labeled for each house's Life Lesson and environmental training quality for the psyche.

1ST HOUSE:  Action of Identity
(I am Who I Am)

2ND HOUSE:  Material Security
(Gathering what I Need)

3RD HOUSE:  Social-Intellectual (mental) Learning Skills (Learning to think)

4TH HOUSE:  Soul/Emotional Needs & Identity
(Why and what I Need)

 5TH HOUSE:  Action of Material Ideas
(Manifestation and Creativity)

6TH HOUSE:  Social-Intellectual Security
(Proving our usefulness & learning)

7TH HOUSE:  Action on Identity of Other-Self
(Becoming “We/Us”)

8TH HOUSE:  Soul/Emotional Material
(Gathering substance of the psyche)

9TH HOUSE:  Learning Social/Intellectual Actions
(gaining values and beliefs)

10TH HOUSE:  Action of Material Security
(making a legacy of Self)

11TH HOUSE: Social-Intellectual Material
(creating the social network)

12th HOUSE:  Soul/Emotional Learning
(Gathering the meaning/purpose of life)

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