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Psychological-astrological disorders

(subtitled "Help! 
The paranoids are after me!")

Most of us have psychological issues on some level (and some of us, to extremes):  neuroses, compulsions, obsessions, phobias, fears, and other types of grandeur or distress factors.

(I consider the human race itself to have a strong measure of narcissistic tendencies:  we think ourselves superior over others by factors of appearance, gender, religious values, or even wealth.  That's minimal compared to our view of animals...and our own planet Earth too.)

Psychological-astrological disorders are not "guaranteed," but some of these patterns may well help identify issues within a particular sign. And no, emphatically: I don't consider bisexuality or a gay lifestyle to be anything BUT a lifestyle choice. See

Astrological Disorders

Aries - Narcissistic personality/antisocial personality,

Taurus - Borderline personality; hedonistic tendencies

Gemini - ADD/Dyslexia; multiple personality; kleptomania

Cancer - Histrionic personality disorder, passive-resistive, Munchausen-by-proxy

Leo - Self-esteem/self-image.  Egocentrism, megalomania,
Divinity complex

Virgo - Anal retentive, Obsessive-Compulsive, neuroses, Compulsive Personality Disorder

Libra - Dependent Personality Disorder

Scorpio - Paranoia, projection, sociopathic behavior; anti-social; sex addiction

Sagittarius - Manic personality, Divinity complex; gambling addictions

Capricorn - Depression, obsession w/status-career; workaholic

Aquarius - Schizoid personality, Identity Disorder; social deviance; sexual disorders

Pisces - Schizophrenic Disorder, hallucinations, multiple delusions, illogical thinking, Savior-martyr complex, alcoholism/drug addiction

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