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Leo the Lion - Benevolence of Identity

(Just a note:  not ALL the classic social role models ("archetypes") will fit the sign's characteristics--but these are good examples of people who outwardly express the qualities of the sign.)

Leo (July 23 - August 22)
"I Am Why I Want it
My Way"

People born under the sign of Leo seem to virtually radiate with authority, vitality and power. Their sign, the lion, certainly represents the strength and magnitude that Leo people project to those who know them. Their ruling planet, the Sun, represents the inner warmth and energy of fire that makes for the passionate dramatics and theatrics of Leo activity. Leo also rules the heart in our body, and all born under this sign respond in turn to affection and love with a deep, robust enthusiasm that can be hard to withstand. They also rarely show how sensitive they are to personal slights, their pride being such that they would rather not show anything but dignity.

A Leo has a distinct love of attention and the spotlight draws them naturally. They have a generous, noble attitude that encourages their desire to please others, and gain for themselves the recognition they need. A Leo must be noticed for what they do and whom they are, in order to remain content! 

They are very appearance-minded, and their taste for clothes and grooming is noted. Both Leo men and women are able to command an audience by their ability to dress sharply and wear their hair (in effect, the lion's mane), to emphasize their looks for attention. 

They are also natural actors and actresses, and will take command of a project or role with great zest. The world of the stage, movies and public display all lends avenues for a Leo to find their need to entertain. They love gatherings of people, parties and social affairs, where they mingle freely and soak up the warmth of association with others. The kingly Leo manner has a way of dominating relationships, and their confidence is legendary. As long as a Leo believes in what they are doing is right, their integrity and capabilities are virtuous. However, when asked to compromise their ideals, they can turn lazy and despise their work.

The Leo love of attention also shows in their pride and desire in romance and love. Leos are ardent romantics, bringing their inner royal bearing upon those whom they feel worthy of receiving affection. Leo mothers are known for their ability to dominate a child or husband, with their projection of strength and presence. The Leo love nature is strong and vital, and affairs and attraction to the opposite sex comes easily.  The people of France are a Leo-ruled nation, and offer a good idea! 

Leos basically are a kind people, and love to please others, and will try enduring measures to live up to their goals. They must remember that power and authority must not be abused by willful desire, or the publicity they crave will turn on them, in a fall from their prideful ways.

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