Sunday, November 14, 2010

I've said before that the Earth Herself does not play an active role in astrological analyses; however, there is a way to include Her in a psychological profile:

* An “internal” view of the birth (Sun) sign
* A hidden facet of personality

and identity
* Opposite perspective to birth sign polarity
* Resembles Jung’s Shadow Self as a possible "dark side" quality if mis-used.
* (Not used in charts)

I would also suggest that the birth signs might connect to the Earth in this manner:

(1) Aries (Libra):  I activate the need for internal peace and tranquility.

(2) Taurus (Scorpio):  I accept letting go of what I accumulate that is no longer needed or necessary to possess.

(3) Gemini (Sagittarius):  I learn to see the larger view and apply what knowledge I have gained.

(4) Cancer (Capricorn):  I support and extend my need for security toward the world to use as a platform for others.

(5) Leo (Aquarius): I open myself to share love and acceptance of others who are concerned for the collective group and not only me.

(6) Virgo (Pisces):  I allow myself to serve the Higher Purpose without worrying about results.

(7) Libra (Aries):  I sponsor and actively endorse policies that get me out of indecision.

(8) Scorpio (Taurus):  I bring renewal and change to ideas and property that can be recycled or rebuilt.

(9) Sagittarius (Gemini):  I learn to keep myself open to ideas and not be limited to my own viewpoint.

(10) Capricorn (Cancer):  I use my talents and skills to provide a safe haven for those who are not as accomplished as I am.

(11) Aquarius (Leo):  I learn to accept my own needs for attention and importance when it is offered by others.

(12) Pisces (Virgo):  I learn to focus on the matters of the day-to-day and the importance of being attentive to what I am doing.

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