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Modalities: Dynamic Forces of Psychological Momentum & Inertia

Dynamic Forces of Psychological Momentum & Inertia

Transformation as a process of experience throughout a lifetime is inevitable. Modalities offer a plan for delineating how an individual manages the complexities of major Life Change Events.

Some transformational events are basic:  birth, death, a bonding commitment to another in partnership, or the collaborative effort of working.  The type of modality shows how the subject reacts or encounters these basic transformational Life Events.
  The three types of Modalities are Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. 

Cardinal signs hit Life with a bang.
Major Episodes of Significant Change are the norm; these people seem to be constantly involved in deep periods of transition and activity.  One of their purposes in these lessons is to serve as representatives for others in the community.  They observe and act as inspiration that obstacles and challenges serve a purpose as tests of character and spiritual and psychological growth.  Their strength is in their ability to handle crises and show others how to adapt; their weakness comes when they struggle against mastering lessons in order to gain wisdom and leadership skills.

Fixed signs operate as the building blocks and support structure of society; they provide a steadiness and firming-up for others.  They can be the virtual “Rock of Gibralter” for support of another (the true “shoulder to lean on”), and a symbol of resolution, endurance, and a calming, sturdy force and presence. Their strength is their ability to stand and face adversity; their weakness is their unwillingness to alter their course when necessary (such as admitting a flaw or fault and modifying their behavior accordingly).

Mutable signs are noted for their flexibility and adaptability; however, they may be overwhelmed or overcome by outside forces that make them yield when they should instead be holding their position or viewpoint.  Their strength is their incredible ability to fit themselves to the circumstances of change; their weakness is that they often are too distracted by issues and do not hold onto their values or point of view.

Cardinal:  Origin and Renewal of Purpose of Existence & Environment
Significant Life Activities and Challenges. Powerful attraction of people and events for dynamic soul growth. Individuals who are willing and adaptive to Life Change

Too much Cardinal: Life is an Adventure; I HAVE TO INITIATE ACTIVITY; Need for extreme events and lifestyle.

Not enough Cardinal:  The Quiet Life;
I WANT NORMAL conditions and peace at any price. Life in stasis; soul is not facing challenges, or is using delays in overcoming obstacles.

Fixed:  Concentration of focus & Resistance to Change. 
Sensitivity to environment (personal) and physical appetites and needs.
Endurance and persistence to meet goals. Singular focus and determination are gifts and weaknesses.

Too much Fixed: I’m TOO STUBBORN TO CHANGE. Issues of power and control; Must realize Life will Change regardless.

Not enough Fixed: I can’t stay with tasks; NO STAYING POWER.
Needs to learn self-value of ideals; Needs to face up to challenges and fears of failure

Mutable: Change or Adaptation to Existence & Environment 
Chameleon-like qualities that help adaptation to Life Challenges.
Willingness for flexibility that allows learning. Awareness of duality of nature and polarity of self as a soul force in human form.

Too much Mutable: I sway too easily; “I’m a pushover”. Needs to gain self-respect and ownership of values. Needs to develop courage to face fears.
Not enough Mutable:  I can’t adapt; “I Can’t Make Up My Mind!”
Needs to learn that indecision which leads to failure is not wrong: effort counts, so keep trying.

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