Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Polarities - Balances between Active-Passive Natures

A note here:  "Masculine" and "Feminine" have nothing to do with gender.  The words represent a presentation of outward-or-inward display of personality and intuitiveness; they are indications of how an individual shows his-or-her sense of aggressive or passive action.  
One of the reasons I have a previous post about the asteroids has to do with the Emerging Feminine Consciousness, and the polarities have a lot in common with this.  Men in our world's cultures are not encouraged to be attuned to their intuitive nature; this is why they can not handle certain phases of aging, especially after a career has ended or retirement has begun, while in contrast, women seem to gain strength and survive.

Similarly, women in most societies are not encouraged to display signs of a strong dominant nature; the suppression of women over the last 2000+ years and the Goddess principle is a reflection on this.  I hope that in the 21st century, men and women will learn to share their power together and with balance, even toward those who choose alternative gender preferences and roles.  Our survival as a species in the years ahead beyond 2012 will be crucial to this balance and acceptance regardless of our personal values and belief systems.  The Native American people learned this well: women made decisions on key matters (such as going to war against another group) for the tribe and clan, then the men would act on their ideas.

Assertive-Aggressive & Passive-Responsive Postures
of Behavior and Identity

Aggressive-Assertive (Masculine-Positive Polarity)
Fire & Air signs and their qualities:
“warm air—-or a firestorm”
Aries – Leo - Sagittarius; Gemini – Libra - Aquarius

Too much masculine/positive:  too aggressive & assertive
Difficult for women in business
Ego issues overwhelm others’ needs

Not enough masculine/positive: Lacking initiative; 
* needs to be proactive; better social role models and choices

Passive-Responsive (Feminine-Negative Polarity)
Earth & Water signs and their qualities:
“a garden water fountain--or a driving river”
Taurus – Virgo - Capricorn; Cancer – Scorpio - Pisces

Too much feminine: I’m too receptive and responsive
* Needs to establish self-image without compromising sense of self-power and identity/sensitivity to others.
Not enough feminine:  I don’t appear as being sensitive
*Needs to develop sympathy and intuition of nurturing life and values of others.

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