Thursday, January 6, 2011

Saturn Returns roll the dice of Life

My friend Eileen (of Titanic Astrology fame; see previous post in archives) is celebrating her 2nd Saturn return by letting the gray come out in her hair color.  She's accepting the fact that age and time (Saturn) come to us all--and that honoring it (along with the wisdom that experience can bestow) is worth showing to the world.  "You've come a long way" says a Saturn return, "and now let's see what you do with it."

Here's a short-phrase summary of Saturn returns via transit placements in each house (wedge) of your chart.  (This also emphasizes the TGSTARS blog post on relocation):  sometimes a Saturn return in your natal chart may be impacted by a significant relocation that spins the wheel and its outcome of placements for transits.  You could be experiencing a Saturn transit in two simultaneous houses if you've made a major change in latitude-longitude from the place of your birth.  (Do feel welcome to yell at me for information/assistance/explanation on this after Saturn has made you realize it's TIME you stopped by for a consultation):

1st - Personal stress, personality testing, problems with bones, teeth, or skeletal system, establishing perimeters, self-confidence under trial or challenges.

2.  Cash flow restrictions, budget pressure, learning to do a lot with less, doubts and worries about self-worth.

3.  Mental powers tested, knowledge of career field stretched to the limit; difficulties with siblings.

4.  Home and personal belongings/security become limited; loss of parent(s), burdens from family or home environment.

5.  Creativity crisis--how to channel it and substitute other skills; romantic or sexual depression; fated love affairs that create stress; difficulties with children.

6.  Hard, heavy-and-boring work; tending to details on job matters; stressful workload; health issues, especially digestion.

7.  Resolving business and personal relationship issues and partnerships; getting rid of failed or finished companions; finalizing or commitments to good partners.

8.  Troubles with partner's finances and resources; learning to handle monies for others; sexual difficulties or limitations; setbacks from inheritances.

9.  Dedication and pursuit of education; religious or spiritual regeneration and undertaking; travel and long distance trips that take time to resolve and manage.

10.  Working hard to gain career status attention and recognition; extra responsibilities in job or occupation of choice; failures or demotion at workplace from disreputable behaviors.

11.  Karmic bonding with groups and friends; estrangement from close friends and associates; forced independence.

12.  Treacherous ground: backstabbing from friends who become enemies, doubts and fears prey upon failures in life, depression and abuse of substances and indulgences.

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