Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Psyche in signs

Astrologically, Psyche represents how we respond romantically to the idea of Love, or how we Idealize it through someone. 
(Also see http://psyast.blogspot.com/search/label/Psyche%20and%20Eros)

Psyche Sign is Aries
The native likes the thrill of someone falling madly in love with and pursuing them at all costs. You enjoy feeling valued by someone and find security in hearing this from your lover/partner. 

Psyche Sign is Taurus
This position is the embodiment of sexuality. You want others to find you attractive. You are also attracted to people who give gifts of love.

Psyche Sign is Gemini
You are drawn to powerful personalities who are able to switch between staying home and painting the town. You also enjoy mates who challenge your intellect. 

Psyche Sign is Cancer
You tend to take on nurturing or motherly roles, not necessarily with everyone, but definitely with your lover/partner. You will go out of your way to make a partner happy. 

Psyche Sign is Leo
You are able to discern the best in people and bring that out. You are attracted to charming, good-looking people. You also have a tendency to project onto your partner the way you want to be. 

Your Psyche Sign is Virgo
You show your affection to someone who accepts them unconditionally. You are usually concerned about what the lover can bring to the table. Once smitten, you are very generous of your time and material resources. 

Psyche Sign is Libra
You are fascinated by partners with striking looks, possibly to the detriment of other aspects, in order to indulge the fantasy of the relationship. Usually you get wise to this tendency in due time. You treat everyone around you lavishly.

Psyche Sign is Scorpio
You tend to be secretive about your true feelings, including sexual feelings. You also tend to be reserved when expressing yourself until you feel absolutely comfortable. Once committed, you take the relationship very seriously and will do anything to keep it going. 

Psyche Sign is Sagittarius
You are attracted to someone worldly, ethnically diverse, philosophically-oriented, and free-spirited. You are able to give others the freedom to be who they really are.

Psyche Sign is Capricorn
You are attracted to emotionally mature and stable individuals who can also provide an outlet for your romantic fantasy. Sexual intimacy is a longing, and once fulfilled, you feel like you have everything in life.

Psyche Sign is Aquarius
You like to put a little bubble around yourself and your lover and bask in the fulfillment of your hopes, wishes, and dreams. You like to be acknowledged for your unique and special qualities and do not like to compete for affection. 

Your Psyche Sign is Pisces
You seek partners who can express the utmost love and adoration and partners who can help you escape a routine life. You tend to attract attention through illnesses if your needs are not being met to your fullest expectation.

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