Monday, November 28, 2011

Void-of-course Moon & timing phases

(This article was modified from its original source, the Mountain Astrologer Oct.-Nov. 2003 issue. Credits and copyright to its author, Jenni Stone. This is also provided for those who seek financial astrological advice, c/o the page featured at the top of this site.)

Understanding the Void-of-Course Moon 

The Moon makes a complete circle through the twelve signs every 28.5 days and spends approximately 2.5 days in each sign. There is a time, however, when this connection is interrupted and we "float" between signs. This is the time we call the “void-of-course Moon”: until it enters the next sign.

The Moon goes void of course every two days or so, and this can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Sometimes, the Moon is void of course for two consecutive days.

There is a distinctive quality to the energy during a void-of-course Moon:  judgment is impaired, and many people have a hard time making decisions. Business meetings can go astray, and people find it difficult to work together as a group.

Here are some suggested ways to plan ahead and use the void-of-course Moon in positive ways.

1. Double-check info and facts when starting new projects.

2. Reorganize, clean out, get rid of, and eliminate excess and imbalances in your environment or work place.  When the Moon enters into the next sign, there is a noticeable improvement.

3. Spiritual pursuits are heightened because there is no demand to act on distracting priorities.

4. Rewrite, edit, and correct: new ways of expressing ideas can be found during this time.

5. Take inventory of your surroundings: lost items can be found that were overlooked.

6. Rest. The moon’s energies will allow for a “time off” phase to your body and mind.

7. Plan ahead:  make “to do” lists and consider alternative choices.

9. Unscheduled social events can be fun because there is no specific energy that would impact them.

10. Travel may be less stressful. 

 What Not to Do during This Time

1. Do not start important or life-changing projects during the void-of-course Moon: The outcome will not be what you want or expect.

2. Try to avoid meeting new people: A first date or job interview should not be scheduled during the void. Try and not start a new job when the Moon is void of course, or ask for an alternative date. 
Plans made during the void-of-course Moon do not turn out as expected: This can be used in a constructive way. By making plans during a void-of-course Moon, it is sometimes possible to steer clear of these events.

3. Avoid major purchases.

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