Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mars retrograde: "Get it Done!"

“Get to work and finish up!” says Mars retrograde. Mars, the planet of Action, Assertion, Drive, and Physical Energy, goes “retro” (in a temporary delay).  In this time frame, we are given a chance build up our bodies, apply ourselves to jobs and projects left uncompleted, and “get it done” at last. As noted before, a retrograde is when the Earth overtakes another planet in the orbital race around the Sun; we see this effect when we drive or travel and overtake another vehicle (or stationary object): it appears to go “backwards.” 
Mars retrograde will inspire us to take up activity in areas (the house placement in your chart) where something has been left behind: unfinished projects, assignments that need resolution, overhauling, and general “apply yourself here” momentum.   As with any planet going retrograde, Mars will "rebound" and leave its "holding pattern" phase from our viewpoint on Earth, and will actually return to its "starting point" position. Therefore, don't be surprised if anything that you've finished during this retro time may come up for a final closure-and-done review!     
Remember: a Mars retrograde says
"Just DO it and stop procrastinating!"

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