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Planets - Symbols and Directors of Psychological Drive and Energy

One of the main topics in psychological astrology (and astrology in general) are the meanings of the planets.  As I've mentioned earlier, they represent actions and behavior potentials in our psyche:  they're sort of a reflection of how we act and respond, why, and the impact and influences of these actions.  Think of the planets as though you're eating something special:  what did it taste like, what did you eat, what kind of food source was it, and how do you feel about eating it?  

     Obviously, everyone has his or her own preferences--but the planets don't always let us decide what we like.  I'm sure someone will say that "Saturn is like being forced to eat those nasty vegetables that {I} don't like." Or maybe Uranus is being offered something unusual and exotic--maybe from another culture.  
     Pluto, I imagine, is some sort of laxative--you change when you "digest" Pluto.  Neptune is...something that's got some mind-altering nature to it: alcohol, mescaline, or even mushrooms.  Mars...well, it's been cooked on a fire; that's for sure, and Venus?  Oh, chocolate anytime, please.  And good wine or liqueur too.  
     The moon is your comfort food:  you NEED that to feel better when you're upset.  Mercury is brain food:  you think better after you've eaten it.  
     Jupiter is just a full-blown feast of something you enjoy, and the Sun is that special meal which is your favorite. 
     So...let's meet the planets again and see what they do (when they're NOT food.)

The Sun and the Moon:  Personal Planets

Sun and Moon are primary focus: “Lights”
Look into soul of person;  see Self and Needs
Father = Sun   Mother = Moon
Sun = Conscious Self

      Sun shows soul lesson to learn to become

      Moon = Subconscious Self
             * Lunar types: emotionally ultra-sensitive internal self; Inner Child status

The Sun - I am Aware of Myself and My Identity    
The Soul Code: knowledge of Self
Authority figures; Father-figures  
Animus in women: male role model 

The Moon - I Feel Comfortable and Secure Expressing my Needs
Emotional - reflexive responses; safety
Subconscious social responses
Female role/Mother

Mercury, Venus, Mars:
Social Planets
Helping the Psyche Develop

Mercury - I Think about Things
Learning modalities
Communications: input and response to stimuli
Problem-solving and ability to handle mental tasks
Nervous system responses - disorders

Venus - I Experience Pleasure, Enjoyment, and Indulgence 
in relationships and Self
Social marker for love
Expressing Need to beautify; cooperation and negotiations
Balance and complementing of Other Self

Mars - Energetic Power Potential
Ignition/Activation; Aggression & Assertion
Anger Management; Sexual drive; male dynamic
Sexual partner; Fighting instincts
Adrenalin rush; Need for extreme excitement toward goal
Physical power/muscle disorders

Jupiter and Saturn:  Expansion and Contraction

Jupiter: expanding Joyously and Enthusiastically Towards Opportunities
Learning Growth & Giving Generously
Over-indulgence and wretched excess
Belief in Higher Power and Benevolence
Expression of ethics

Saturn:  Responsibilities and Life Lessons to be mastered
Sacrifice and Work; Discipline
Repeated trials and demands upon Self for improvement
Pessimism and doubt; Fear as a limiting motivator

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto:
One's Collective Social Generation

Uranus – Seeking Divine Perfection, Expressing Individuality,
Demanding Freedom, and Rebelling Against Social Trends

Neptune - Dissolving/Merging Into and Yearning For Completion, Union with Cosmos; Spiritual fulfillment and release

Pluto – Control and Expressing Power to Transform Self and Others;misuse of power, anger, and sexual issues

No, I didn't overlook our planet Earth, but it is not a primary focus.
However, it does serve a secondary role:

Earth:  A View of the psyche from "within"

An “internal” view of the birth (Sun) sign
A hidden facet of personality and identity
Opposite perspective to birth sign polarity
Resembles Jung’s Shadow Self
(Not used in charts)

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