Sunday, March 4, 2012

Venus in Taurus - Love To Love You Baby...ooooooh yeah

It’s the astrological version of the hit TV series, “Sex and the City”! Venus, the Goddess of Love and Pleasure is sending out a personal invitation as She transits through Taurus to participate in a party for the senses: all we can eat, drink, touch, taste, smell, see, and ESPECIALLY feel. During this time, we can find the value and appreciation of the exquisite, the earthiness, the indulgent. It’s almost a personal license to be hedonistic. Venus in Taurus also indicates holding on to objects and people we love because we value them. 

Venus now says there’s nothing wrong with showing a little affection—and more—to that special someone, especially if it’s in front of a roaring fireplace, on silk sheets, in a tub of soapy water, or even on a beach. Like Donna Summer sang, “Love to love you, baby…ooooooh.”

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