Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Resistance has its merits for Fixed Signs,..at times

The Fixed Sun Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are remarkable for their tenacity, perseverance, determination, endurance, durability, and steadfastness for a purpose, cause, belief, value, or ideal of commitment.  It is one of their greatest strengths.  This can also be found through those who have an ascendant, Moon, or Mars in one of these signs. Their capacity to move over hurdles, obstacles, limitations, set-backs, delays, or other forms of confrontation are legendary: a proverbial bulldozer in action once the motor is engaged. On the other hand....

It is also an indication of one of the Fixed signs' remarkable frustrations: a refusal to take action; an insistence for resistance to Life Challenges and Changes (often brought on by Saturn transits) which will NOT go away and yet are avoided (or so believed).  
To that end, there is nothing gained by flat-out denial, especially when astrological counseling is provided--and then ignored because the answer was not "desired." The concept of "No" is not always what we want to hear--nor is "You have to do something about this issue in order to make progress." If it were so possible to only have the outcomes that we want without the effort to make it possible, we would not achieve much--if anything.  And astrologically, there are enough reasons to be thankful for insights that provide us the wisdom and knowledge when the sign says "push" and we insist on "pull" instead.

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Angelles LaVeau said...

Well said. I see the good and the bad in me. Thank you for sharing this!!