Thursday, April 19, 2012

Slow-and-steady, it's time for Taurus!

(Just a note:  not ALL the classic social role models ("archetypes") will fit the sign's characteristics--but these are good examples of people who outwardly express the qualities of the sign.) 

Taurus (April 20-May 21):
"I Am What I Have"

The birth sign Taurus gives emphasis to the credibility of determination, perseverance and endurance of principle. Taurean natives have a practical, down-to-earth steady way that allows them to build a stable, secure foundation from which to plan a future.

A Taurus moves slowly, but surely. Taurus rules possessions, material objectives and values, and obtaining the means and methods to establish financial and visible long-lasting tangible rewards are pursued with a directed pace. Security is the real key: Taureans want to be able to enjoy the comforts of their labors, and work is a natural outlet for the acquisition of the good things in life. They can be almost obsessive with possessions and affections, both their own and of others. A Taurus might say, "What's mine is mine, and you and yours are mine, too!"

Because the need for comfort and security of tangibles are a major part of their lives, Taureans can often be found in business endeavors where speculation of finances are concerned, but in a more practical application without risk, such as banking or real estate investment. Farming or raising produce off the land for financial speculation, such as tree farms or garden centers, livestock for food/profit, or valuable objects like antiques or gems are outlets for the Taurean nest egg. Like their sign, the bull, Taureans are known for their strength to produce hard effort over a long period of time. They can plan ahead with a vision of purpose that would tax the patience of others, but they have the ability to pace themselves and not lose track of their energies.

Taureans are ruled by Venus*, and are physically aware of the appetites of the senses. They appreciate and enjoy good food, music, art, and the sensual needs of their bodies. Taurus rules the neck and throat, and those with Taurus emphasized in their charts often have melodic or powerful speaking voices. They can also be thought of as "bullish" or "stiff-necked" in their insistence to resist change. A Taurus will make a decision after careful thought, and when they are sure of a choice, they will act, but not until they wish to put their plan into motion.

(*Antero Ali suggests moving the rulership of Taurus to the Earth.)

Values - Possessions
Stability - Groundedness
Sensuous Gratification
(Venus (Earth*)  
Feminine Principle   
Appreciation of Beauty
The Property Owner    
The Pack Rat       
The Unmoved Force    
The Craftsperson 
Sex Symbols
Orson Welles   
Henry VIII   
John Wayne  
Sak’s 5th Avenue
Warren Buffett  
Britney Spears
Antiques Road Show

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